DASH! Part 2: Return of the Aliens

Try my new quiz, DASH Part 2: Return of the Aliens. If you haven't tried the first quiz, then please look up dash! part 1. Thank you sooo much for playing!

If you haven't joined my contest yet, here's how. Make a drawing of a character from DASH! and upload the picture to the quiz if possible. Make a quiz about the person, and title the quiz, "Tay's dash! *your name here*" thanks!

Created by: Taylor

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  1. (Continued from part one.) The huge green man hovers above you. He collapses into millions of tiny green men. They are trying to abduct you!
  2. You feel yourself floating above the street. Now you're expanding into particles! You react by,
  3. Now you find yourself in a spacecraft, hovering high above town. You find a open window. You,
  4. Now you are back on the ground. You are safe, but your mom has green men ALL OVER her. What do you do.
  5. Someone gets the green men off your mom you,
  6. You stand and watch as the aliens make your house explode. Oh s---, your favorite _____________ was in there!
  7. You are so enraged at the aliens. You want to...
  8. You feel things starting not to make sense. You were just dreaming! Wait no... the aliens were trying to make you think you were dreaming. As they knock down the fake walls and you are back on the street you feel,
  9. No time to waste, the world keeps getting darker. The first thing you do is...
  10. To be continued.

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