Who will you love? part 23

Sup Bro? *Cough* well it's been awhile hasn't it? This is the first less-interesting part of the christmas quiz, so hope you enjoy. I also realise how much i suck for making this so late.. Forgive me :(

If i make the next quiz SUPER-DUPER UBER-LATE like this one you have permission to send me whatever rabid creatures you feel inclined to send.. in return i will send you a spiderman cupcake.. i know you want it..

Created by: Alethea
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  1. "W-well.. This is my.. Sibling. Harley." He says stuttering, recovering from the shock. Harley grins widely from cheek to cheek and says "Yeah! Conner's my big brother!!"
  2. "Harley? Big brother is getting pretty squashed here.." Conner says struggling underneath Harley's weight. "Ooooh yeah! Whoops." Harley says laughing happily. Blake looks confused "But Harley, aren't you meant to be on the run!?". Harley stares blankly for a few seconds before regaining a smile and saying "I know but it's been SOOO long since I saw Conner. Must be at least 80 years now?"
  3. "You look just the same Conner! I've only seen you guys in pictures, but YOU I've never seen. _____, is it?" Harley asks gazing at you with big pink curious eyes. You nod once, Harley runs over and hugs you. Harley is 14 but not much shorter than you, bright blonde curls press against your face, you can smell sweets (or 'candy' as you americans say :P). "Thanks for taking care of my brother!" Harley says, she's very warm despite being out in the cold coming here.
  4. Harley breaks from the hug and says "Oh yeah! Merry Christmas guys!!!" Producing 5 neatly wrapped present from a bag. "For you!" Harley says handing the pink parcel to you, she hands out the rest of the presents too and stands there grinning sweetly.
  5. "Hey, thanks kid!" Gavin says cheerily, he streches out his hand to ruffle Harley's hair but Harley backs away swiftly and says "S-sorry.. Not the hair" then smiles strangely. Conner looks concerned "Harley.. You feeling okay?"
  6. Seth puts his hand on Harley's forehead "Woah! You're really burning up!!" He says concerned. Then Harley suddenly collapses to the ground. "Harley!?" Everyone gathers round Harleys tiny body on the floor "No, it's okay. Harley's had a long trip, it'll just be exaustion." He says picking her up "I'll take Harley to the spare room."
  7. Conner leaves carrying Harley while you all open your presents. Blake gets an old gameboy colour (he loves that retro nerdy stuff :P), Seth gets various dvds and cds and Gavin gets deodrant and a miniture book of chat-up lines. You leave your present for the moment, you glance over at the clock it's 1:00AM. "Should I be insulted?" Gavin asks holding up the deodrant "Do I smell that bad??". Gavin's 'scent' is of the sea/beach. Blake shrugs and says "Maybe you went off and smell like fish.." Gavin's face look distrought and he applies it straight away.
  8. Gavin then walks over to Seth with his arms streched out and orders him "Smell me!" Seth sniffs once then backs away "You smell like a 13 year old on his first date." He says coughing "So strong" he holds his nose. Gavin shrugs "Better than fish". "Hey! You guys wanna play a game?" Blake says exitedly
  9. "Kiss chase!?" Gavin says suddenly paying attention, Seht and Blake roll their eyes at him, Blake gets a piece of paper and starts writing things down "Okay, I used to play this with my family when I was a kid, you write down everyones name and put it in a hat, then whoever you pick out you have to dress up as them for Christmas dinner." He puts all the names into a beanie and thrusts it at Seth "Pick one but don't say who it is, we have to guess at dinner." Seth takes the paper and laughs "Alright!" Gavin takes one and you do too. Who do you wanna be?
  10. You get Harley, you start mentally preparing your Harley costume. "Are you running out of breathe? Cos you've been running through my mind allll night ;)" Gavin says to you winking. "From the book?" You ask, He seems annoyed his line failed "I'm gonna find one of these to charmn and win you over" He says grinning "Just you wait!". Seth turns the on the christmas tree lights and puts on a whole load of ols christmas songs, you sit and chat waiting for Conner while 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' plays in the background.
  11. Conner walks in sighing "Sorry I can't get Harley to sleep." Harley bounds past Conner skipping into the room "I TOLD you Conner I'm A'okay!" Harley starts dancing around to prove the point. "Ohhh I know this song! He knows when you're sleeping, He knows when you're awake, His name is Edward Cullen so get ready to be raped! Oooooh.." The guys all burst out laughing.
  12. Conner finally smiles. He and Harley both pick out their paper from the hat. "What should we do now?" Seth asks "Well, what else is there to do at 1:30 in the morning.. GUITAR HERO" Conner says
  13. After about an hour of Guitar Hero everyones dozes off, you wake up at 6:30AM. They're all still sleeping, Harley's face looks in pain "Must be having a nightmare." You whisper, you gently touch Harley's cheek. It's difficult for some reason but you can see into Harley's memories, You see Conner there smiling, there's someone running toward him. You remember the bright orange eyes and sandy hair from before, he runs up to Conner yelling "I missed you!!". The memory then fades.
  14. You look away and see your present from Harley on the floor and decide to open it, It's a bright blonde wig, pink contacts and a cute frilly pink dress..
  15. You smile to yourself, you hear a groan and turn to see Conner raking his hands through his hair showing his faint scar. "Oh hey, you're up already?" He says sounding surprised. "Yeah, should we wake them up?" You say pointing to all the sleeping corpses on the floor. Conner smirks and says "No problem!" He closes his grey eyes and breathes in deeply, suddenly his eyes open sharply, they're completely black. He opens his mouth..
  16. He starts to sing. His voice is powerful yet soft, utterly beautiful. It seems like his lips are barely moving, He stops singing suddenly and closes his eyes. Once they're open again they've returned back to grey, after a few seconds everyone in the room wakes up instantly. "Whoa! Headrush!" Gavin says clasping his head.
  17. Conner turns over and winks at you, you can feel your heart skip a beat. Determined not to be forgotten Seth says "Okay! Presents now?". Gavin jumps up and grabs your hand "We gotta get Seth's present from the back!". Little sparks of electricity are flying off him. Gavin suddenly stops still.. "Gavin?" you ask.
  18. He spins round and pulls your hand he's holding toward him so you sort of fall into a hug. He wraps his arms round you, electric sparks are flying everywhere! He leans in and...
  19. Who do you love??

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