Love or life part 2

Hello, thanks for taking my quiz! If you haven't taken my first quiz, you proably should or else it will proabably be confusing. It's called, Love or life part 1, ok so please take my quiz and when your done, please please please rate it.

Anyways, so you find out that you have powers and you live with 4 other guys that have powers too. You are the only ones that can save the world. You can choose between Love or Life

Created by: MalmAddicted

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  1. You answer to Conner: No, Conner you don't understand. Blake kissed me. It's OK. Conner answered: oh, i'm so sorry. I suppose you really like him don't you.
  2. Then Conner tells you to leave and you don't then he yelled LEAVE!! Then he started to cry. He sat down on his bed and you sat next to him. He said, ____, I just really really like you.
  3. You gave him a kiss on the cheek and left. You were going to go find Frank and ask him when the next training lesson was but you ran into Jacob. Jacob told you that David had been kidnapped. He also told you that The kidnapper was still in the cave and he had to put you somewhere safe.
  4. He took you to a closet. He hid you behind a box and said, keep quiet and keep low. And whatever you do don't move. Then Jacob walked out of the room. He came back with a knife in his hand. He said, _____ now, this isn't a training lesson. I sware. Now I am going to kill you!!! You thought in your mind really hard, FORCE FIELD FORCE FIELD!! Jacob stepped forward but couldn't go any farther. he put up his hand on an invisible glass wall. It was a force field. Just then Conner Blake and David ran into the closet with knives also. Jacob dropped his and said, all right, all right, you've caught me. Now, what are you going to do about it? He pushed them all down really hard and said, good luck suckers. I am the evil and I WILL defeat you!!
  5. The guys get up and tell you to hide under your bed in your room and they were going to go look for jacob and try to kill him.
  6. You are really scared but you do what the guys tell you to do. After what seems like 5 hours of hiding, Frank comes in and says, _____, you can come out know.
  7. Frank tells you, _____,since Jacob is now evil, there isn't five of you. We've been searching for someone else with powers. Who we found was Arianna. She has the power of controlling people with her hands and voice.
  8. Then, a girl your age comes in and says, eww, what's that smell? Then she sniffs again and says, oh it's you. Then frank says, hello Arianna, I will be showing you to your room. You go to get conner when you see Arianna and Conner making out. You get really jealous and yell,
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  10. Love or Life?

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