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Many have tried. Many have failed. Many have lied and many have wailed. Oh, how they said they had finished this tale... but that is just a myth to hail. No one has ever seen the end. Never clicked that last button and then clicked send. For this. This is the longest quiz ever, my friend. So look hard right now and you will see, how very long this quiz shall be. It will take your time, effort and patience is your key. But do not forget to have fun by thee. Now go off for an astonishing venture lies. Right there in your wake and yet you idle right by. Go now! must I call to your wandering mind. You must go off to seek your fate and hopefully not die.

I'll just explain this quiz here: This is an Everlasting Quiz that goes on and on until you finally at the very end get to the last question. Now the thing is, is that no one, that I know of, has gotten to the very end. Yes, I know you can just skip to the last question but how honorable are you really if you do that? You know you don't actually finish the quiz. You just end up like everyone else who has tried and *cough* failed. Now have fun and try your best to make it all the way to the end

Created by: Jack Attack 1995

  1. You walk down a small hallway. You have just begun your journey into the land of GTQ and have settled on the plan of defeating the Neverending Quiz... you have no idea what's in store...
  2. As you walk further down you start to see strips of paper floating down around you. They are covered in small typewritten print. What do you think they read?
  3. The strips are full of questions of course. Some are easy, others are hard.You snatch a few and take a glance. You have one riddle, one easy question, and one hard question. Which will you choose to answer first?
  4. Well the easy one is on top anyway so lets just start with that...
  5. The question is: What is your favorite colour?
  6. Good job. You have completed your first strip. A loud bang interrupts your thoughts. You turn around and see that a door has appeared near your side. It has two locks on it. Seems you must complete the two other questions before heading off. Are you okay with going on from here? Or will you stop and click your results now?
  7. Good luck and God's speed. Now back to you. I guess you've decided to stay huh? Think of yourself as being pretty bold right? Maybe brave? Courageous? But don't flatter yourself now. We have a long road left to follow and if you are not careful you will be run over.
  8. The riddle is next. It states: I am a suit that no one can ever wear, Yet you never go without me. Never here nor there. What lies at me is the reason for all things And what lies in you is where I ling. All may touch me when I am soft, none when I am stone. Lose me and you will falter- take me and you will never be alone.
  9. As if that isn't confusing enough right? And that isn't the hard question either. ...But you know what? I'm going to help you out on this one. If you promise to answer the next question as honestly and truthfully as possible I'll help you alright? I'll give you four choices to pick from. Ready? Begin
  10. One of the locks breaks off as you make your choice. Good job! You picked the right one. And if you didn't you would have been swallowed by that dragon over there... but no worries, you did it. Now for your next question. The one we agreed to (remember your promise) answer as truthfully as possible. Are you ready? You can skip to the end if you want... no one will stop you...
  11. No? Okay hold on now. The last strip of paper asks: If you were to die right now (knock on wood) and no one could save you, would you be okay with how you spent your life? Meaning would you wish you had done more with the time you had or would you be at complete peace...? Seriously, guys, time doesn't just stop for you. Every minute is a minute gone and we need to appreciate those minutes that leave and hope for more to follow. Yes or No
  12. The last lock falls and the door is waiting for you to enter. You watch as all the other pieces of paper turn to dust around you. Now it's just you and the door. Will you open it or fail this quiz?
  13. *Waiting for people to leave* *Please Hold* So you are staying. I thought I'd lost ya for a second but maybe it was just my imagination. You reach for the door handle and turn it slowly and deliberately. The door's heavy and it takes a lot for you to move it but you do and what do you see beyond the threshold?
  14. Exactly. A brick wall. You frown and stare at me vehemently. I know, I know, I know. This is not what you wanted but just hear me out. Some quizzes are tougher than others. They have tricks up their sleeves and this one is no different. Please look to your keyboard. Is there a Shift key?
  15. Why don't you click it and see if the wall moves?
  16. ...C'mon. It isn't working... You have to want that wall to move. You need conviction. Don't dawdle around. Believe it to move and hit shift...
  17. Good job kid... I had to give an added boost because some people *looks at lazy adventurers* did not want to click the button. Anyway let's continue. The wall moves aside and you walk through. You are outdoors now. In a forest type setting, surrounded by trees and plants and etceteras. On one side there is a granny with a little knitting set sitting on a nearby bench. On your other there is a rather stupid looking policeman eating a donut. Which do you choose to ask for directions?
  18. In the end no matter which one you chose, you pick little miss granny. Her name is actually Ida Knovereya-Goin but she prefers granny. You walk over and ask where to go next. She tells you that there is a cave only a couple miles away where you need to go. You shake your head. A couple miles does seem sorta far...
  19. Granny shakes her head and wags a finger. "If you want you can just poop out on our party and leave but you shall fail epically!" she goes back to knitting. What are you going to do?
  20. You nod and head off. It's getting dark and you won't be able to make it before sundown. What do you do?
  21. Nope, nope, nope and nope. What you do is steal that man's canoe over there. See *points*. Then ride it down this little chocolate filled river. See *drinks chocolate*. Now what would you do without me?
  22. You sneak over and steal Granny's grandson's canoe. You are about to paddle away when you hear a loud scream. Granny is coming after you. She's running along the bank while you paddle trying to make your way through the thick chocolate. She's screaming, "Come back here you hooligan! If you don't come back here right now I'll smack your head off!" And she will. Ida's already swinging her purse at your head. Luckily, you know how to duck.
  23. Finally, you make it around the bend and leave her behind. Woo... didn't I say this would be dangerous? Now you made that bend and are slowly paddling downstream. Again you're lucky. Your momentum is carrying you far and fast and you'll make it to the cave before sun down if everything goes perfectly
  24. But things never go perfectly... Especially here... Don't worry, they don't have huge waterfalls here anyway... But they do have huge chocolate waterfalls here...: ) Good luck kid
  25. You fall down ...........down .............down ...............down Then you hit the marshmallow lake hard. Almost knocks you unconscious. Well, actually it does but don't worry I sent the crew in and your okay now. Sorta.
  26. You wake up in a small cottage. It's a nice little cottage I'll give you that but you'll have to use your own imagination to come up with what it looks like in detail. "You okay?" a small voice says above your head. You look up and down and around and all over but can't seem to find where it came from. "Where are you?" you ask.
  27. "Up here!" comes another voice. Just as small but a little more rich. You turn your eyes up and see...
  28. Two little chocolate chip cookies are looking down at you. They are sitting on top of your head so so much for sanitation. You squint at them. "Who are you?"
  29. "We are the cookie crew. We service all of GTQ in rescue operations. Well, not just us but others too." One of the cookies says while the other hops down and heads off to go fix something.
  30. "Seriously?" you ask. I don't blame you. I didn't believe at first myself. Talking cookies leading the rescue team? I would have gone for something a bit more random but then again we do live in a dull age. "Of course we're serious. We take pride in being a serious firm. Otherwise all of our cookies would crumble." the young cookie states. "Now you must be off to finish that quiz before granny gets here."
  31. The little cookies pack you a snack and kick you out of their cottage. I don't blame em. Would you trust someone who thinks your delectable in your house for too long? Anyway what did they pack you?
  32. Now since you only had a couple miles to go before you reached the cave and the current took you pretty far. Plus the fact the little cookies had to transport you (they might sue for back injuries) for a little way, then that means you are right about at the gigantic hhhhhhooooooolllllllllleeeeeeeee...
  33. I fell. I'm sorry but I did. And now I can't reach the keyboard... Gosh dang it I can't reach the flippin' buttons and now it's getting dark *I touch my head and it's bleeding* okay... this is a problem. But we can solve it right?
  34. Yes I know we can... probably... maybe... hopefully... we'll see. Now like I said there is this hole. It was actually made by the Spanish armada to hide treasure but now its just a hole. What I need you to do is finish this quiz! If you don't then we both suffer. Please don't leave it now. I need you to help me. Just finish these last questions. I'll even cut it down for you. Just please go on. Save me... if you have any guts or heart or are brave in any which way or fashion then use it to finish this quiz.
  35. Thank you. Now go straight toward that tall cavern right there Yes and take a left... NO! my left! The other left! It's too late. You have fallen into the dragon's lair.
  36. I am so sorry but now there is only one way for you to survive. Do you know what you have to do to escape from the dragon?
  37. Yes... sing "The Campfire song". I know. You can do this. Channel your inner Spongie and finish this quiz. So anyway... You sing the Campfire song and the dragon loves it. It claps and cheers and wants an encore. In the end it even offers you a recording contract but no you must leave. With a last C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song you run out.
  38. You did it. You are almost done. There is just two challenges left remaining. One is another riddle. And the other is one that you will find near and dear to heart. You walk down a hallway. It is night but you can still see a little doorway near the end. When you get closer you see that there are actually three and that they are really just windows.
  39. One window has a pit of fire on the other side. Another has seven tigers that have not eaten in three years. And the last is full of poisonous arrows that will engulf you in seconds. A sign above says you must pick one or perish. Which will you choose?
  40. Think about it. It's not that hard. Go step by step. Which one stands out? Which one could you make it through? Hurry please... we need to finish now. The counsel of gtq is getting worried. They don't want you to win. You have to finish this! You need to be the first!
  41. You pick the tigers. Why? Because what tiger can last 3 years without eating? Elementary, my dear Sherlock. You walk past the tigers and into the little room.
  42. A computer awaits featuring a screen that oddly resembles this one. There is a little button that will take you to the results of your quiz. It says Submit Answers ...
  43. Yes... this is the end my friend. Although many have tried and many have failed. Many have lied and many have wailed. Oh, how they said they had finished this tale... but that is just a myth to hail. No one has ever seen the end. Never clicked that last button and then clicked send. For this is now history, my young friend. So you looked hard and you have seen, how very long this quiz has been. It has taken some time, effort and patience of the keen. But at least you had fun leaning close to your screen. Now go off for an astonishing venture gives. For out there is truly where we all live. Go now! and seek out your fate but please remember to comment and rate! :)

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