How well do you know the songs in My Little Pony?

This quiz will have excerpts of MLP songs. I hope that you enjoy them or have these songs running in your head for the rest of the day. The song that gave me a headache was a True True Friend. "A true true friend helps a friend in need"

Disclaimer: I do NOT own mlp and there may be a couple of mistakes in this. Therefore, there isn't a one hundred percent chance that this is accurate but I have made this as accurate as I can.

Created by: FireBall

  1. "I've been told what to do what to say my whole life. Nopony has shown me another way."
  2. "There's no place that I'd rather be than travel with my family"
  3. "Listen to the sound of my voice, soon you'll find you don't have a choice. Captured by the web of my song. Soon you'll all be singing along"
  4. "Our time is now, your time is running out. Hear the wave of sound, as it crashes down."
  5. "It's time to show you who I am. Throw off the veil it's finally time."
  6. "To have a student just like you, I had one of maybe two. But they disappeared before I can blink."
  7. "Feeling helpless, you don't know how to hurt less. So you change your point of view."
  8. "Now the magic is my salvation, come under my protection."
  9. "Ponies say I'm all bubbles and laughter, and I don't seem sincere. And I joke a little too much, but I'm just so happy you're here."
  10. "When I was just a filly, I used to think it was silly, to see how many friends I could make. I had my books to read didn't think that I'd ever need."

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the songs in My Little Pony?