Do You Have an Awful Friend?

Do you have this friend that is absolutely horrific? Do you always avoid them? Do you wonder if a semi-friend is a keeper or made for the trash can? Find out if you have an awful friend. Then maybe you can learn what to do about them.

Pick any friend. Any friend that is questionable. It might turn out that after taking this quiz that you find they are a really good friend after all. Or maybe you'll learn that you need a restraining order. So take it!

Created by: Katie

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  1. When you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and call your friend crying, they say...
  2. Do you pick up the phone when your friend calls?
  3. Have you ever talked badly about your friend?
  4. How does your friend eat?
  5. It's friday night and your friend wants to hang out. You...
  6. What is your friend's middle name (or what would it be if you could choose)?
  7. Your friend listens to...
  8. How often do you see your friend?
  9. Does your boyfriend/girlfriend know about your friend? If you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend you can use another close friend or your crush. Or wife/husband. Just go with it. Parents?
  10. Does your friend have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

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Quiz topic: Do I Have an Awful Friend?