Are your friends out to get you or your true friends?

Well people need to find out what type of people are around them and what people need to be cut off so they can grow better and happier. There are many ways of how Fake friends attack, sometimes they are so sly that you can't really figure it out, sometimes they are just out right competitive and if it wasn't for you they wouldn't get the feeling of "Have to be better" because you are beautiful and they are not....figure it out...

Do YOU have a friend that you are wondering or second guessing their true friendship? Take the quiz and see what comes about....IF you do end up having a really awful friend, you need to get rid of this poison...all they are doing is killing you off and making you need to be happy and grow like a flower and don't let some b&*%$ try to stomp on you and take over your identity...It's hard to gain it back because all the other friends, never see the true backstabbing jealous person EVER talk behind their back....and the friends think that all the styles and make-up was her idea, not yours....get your identity BACK!

Created by: Jacinda

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  1. When you start a workout routine, does your friend feed off your determination so she can be better then you?
  2. When something good goes in your life, does your friend congratulate you or ignore it and try to "steal your happiness"
  3. When you finally find a style that is yours and unique, does she turn around and "take it from you"?
  4. Did your friend use to rub in your face she had a boyfriend, then when you finally get one, does she start flirting with him and slapping his butt to try to make him like her?
  5. If you lose weight, does your friend ever tell you that if you lose any more weight, she won't be your friend?
  6. Does your friend compete with you in every, love, happiness, etc?
  7. Does your friend act like she is your friend, but never stops by, or calls?
  8. Does your friend try to outshine you?
  9. Does your friend copy every thing you do...going to college, losing weight, your style on hair and makeup?
  10. Do you think this "friend" is really a friend if they do all these things to you?

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Quiz topic: Am Ir friends out to get you or my true friends?