Which one of my friends are you the most like?

I have 5 very close friends. They are all precious and dear to my heart. But, they are all very different from one another. It is interesting to see the dynamics of it and what their true personalities are like. I am sure they are not so different afterall.

Could you be my best friend?? Which one of my friends are you the most like? Take the quiz to find out just how fun, witty, or competitive you are! But do you really think you can make the cut?? ;)

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You're having a girls night out and you invite your closest friends. You wake up the next morning to find wine bottles, chip wrappers, and a happy memory. What do you do?
Clean it up immediately. We don't want a smelly house!
Leave that crap where it's at, and eat some of the left-overs.
Take one good look at it, and go back to bed.
Slowly start to clean everything up and try to remember if you did or said anything to hurt anyone's feelings.
After cleaning up the mess, you sit down to write thank-you notes to all your great friends for coming over!
Your friends ask you to be a part of a triathlon...what do you do??
Sweet! Bring it on!
I have done those so many times....
Freak out! What?? A triathlon?
Agree to it, but really don't want to do it, but you're afraid your friends may think badly of you if you bail on them.
Hahahahahaha!!! That sounds fun and all...but I've got better crap to do!
Your good friend could really use your advice and needs a shoulder to cry on. How do you go about talking to her?
Meet my friend half-way at a restaurant, and talk over some beers or margaritas.
Over the phone or in person...which ever one is better for my friend is what I will do.
I don't really talk about my personal issues, but when I do, it is more of a nonchalaunt kind of way.
My personal problems aren't personal when it comes to my friends! The next girls night out, I will get the advice from all of my friends.
Usually via e-mail or a phone call.
Your friend really needs your advice - okay, more of a wake-up call. What is the best way you know how to go about doing this?
Take a deep breath and in the most polite way you know how and break it down for her.
Tell your friend what she wants to hear. If that doesn't work...then slowly, and kindly tell her what you think.
You don't want to hurt your friends feelings, but you've got to tell her what is up....so you do.
Let it all out. You worry about your friends feelings later. Your friends needs you to stand up right now, not be a wimp.
Let your friend know exactly how you feel, use analagies, and you put yourself in their shoes.
You are invited to a rockin' Halloween party. What do you dress up as?
a dead teenager!
Lois Lane
Anything you can find at wallmart - wings and a halo??
a pregnant nun
a sorority girl
Where did you go to college?
Big 10/12 school baby!!
I didn't go to college
A party school out in the middle of freakin' nowhere!
A local university. It was awesome!
A community college. *ROCK ON!*
A good friend invites you out and you agree. What do you do?
I always do what I say I'm going to do, unless something major comes up.
Cancel. Again. But I have a good excuse! I Promise!!
Toss the idea back and forth in your head. Make your decision on the fly.
Your boyfriend is in a band, and some chick is feeling all over him. What do you do?
You're a laid-back kind of person! It doesn't really bother you......unless it gets excessive.
Freak out. Are you serious??
Don't really say or do anything. You don't want to cause any drama.
You're out at a bar, what do you have to drink?
Beer. Bring it!
Wine. Even if it's cheap.
Margarita. Liquor. Something??
Doesn't really matter ... whatever....
Picture yourself back in the day, when you first heard about myspace....your friend has myspace page. Do you too get a myspace account?
I hear about this myspace thing...but it's not for me.
I don't even have the Internet, let alone a myspace!!
Yeah, I got one alright....never been on since!
I jumped on the bandwagon a little late....but I am here, and it is pretty darn fun!
Your family is....
Huge. And you love every single one of them to pieces....even if they sometimes annoy the crud out of you.
Far away. Happy and sad about it.
Right around the corner. I love my momma!
Most of them are far away, some are near by, others are in a different country.

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