Which of my Radical Friends Are You?

Many people are very similar to their friends. Others are quite the opposite. But there must be a reason that you're friends with those people, right? I know there's a reason my friends are who they are, but I don't exactly know WHY, you know? Each are interesting individuals with great hearts and love. Could you and I be friends if were a possibilty? Are you like MY friends?

I picked five of my closest friends for you to see who you're most like. They're all odd people in their own ways, but together they're fun to be around.

Created by: Forrest
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  1. You know what Clay Aiken and the movie 'Without A Paddle' have to do with eachother.
  2. Brody Dalle is your hero.
  3. You're purple.
  4. Grapes and mint oreo cookies are forever ruined for you.
  5. You understand who Uma is.
  6. You danced with Jefree Star!!
  7. 'And in the end, life is really just a bowl of fruit!' <you know who said that
  8. You. Despise. Lettuce.
  9. You don't eat dogs!!
  10. You understand what a half raison/half bird it.
  11. You have Portuguese in you.
  12. "You just got Emo'ed!"
  13. you wanna be like Fat Mike.

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Quiz topic: Which of my Radical Friends am I?