The Coconut Cafe's Quiz

Try to take this quiz. It is a test about the Coconut Cafe! Here are some words to describe this quiz: fun, new, hip, radical, something that you know your not wasting your time on, and lastly, COOL! This quiz has questions about lanterns, flip flops, coasters, monkeys, animals, and more! Have fun!

Think you're a Coconut Cafe genius? Do you think you know EVERYTHING about this cafe? Are you even qualified to answer these questions? This quiz will answer ALL these questions, except maybe the last one.

Created by: Coco of The Coconut Cafe's Website
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  1. What are the names of the employees of the Coconut Cafe?
  2. How many glasses are hanging from the ceiling of the Coconut Cafe?
  3. How many animals are hiding in the Coconut Cafe?
  4. How many coasters do the Coconut Cafe own?
  5. What color umbrella does the "tip jar monkey" have?
  6. What color maracas are the other monkey holding?
  7. What color fishing polls are in the Coconut Cafe?
  8. What are the colors of the lanterns hanging in the Coconut Cafe?
  9. What are the colors of the Coconut Cafe's straws?
  10. What color are the mini flip flops on the cash register in the Coconut Cafe?`

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