How well do you know FRIENDS?

How well do you know the Popular TV Show Friends? I am a true Friends maniac so I created this Quiz to test your knowledge of the Friends. Find out if you are worthy enough to be considered a true Friend or if you are a NUBE of the Friends World.

Do you know your Friends as well as you think you do, or are you wasting your life away working at moon dance In your fake boobs, costume, and roller skates, waiting for a stranger named Mark to offer you a job at Blooming Dales?

Created by: mike
  1. What is the name of the World War I movie Joey was in?
  2. Which Friends star received an Emmy nomination for the West Wing?
  3. Who sent the cast of Friends a telegram after the one with the Princess Leia Fantasy?
  4. Who walks Phoebe down the aisle at her wedding?
  5. Who was the Co-creator of Cheers who directed The Pilot of Friends?
  6. Who is Chandler talking about when he says, somewhere, there is a man with a tranquilizer gun and a huge butterfly net looking for that man?
  7. What does Chandler write on Ross's alumni web page?
  8. (Whats the punch line?) "I'm not great with the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?...Some_?"
  9. What movie featured Jennifer Aniston a Paul Rudd as best friends?
  10. How many embryos was Phoebe
  11. What was the name of Ross and Monica's dead grandmother?
  12. When Mr. Heckles stole Marcel, what did he name him?
  13. What soap opera was Gunther on?
  14. Who was Gunther's character in the previously stated soap opera?
  15. Which Friend once tried to eat a squirrel?
  16. Which Friend said that Communism was a theory that just didn't pan out?
  17. What did Phoebe do with her mink coat?
  18. How far away was the Beach House when Monica was stung by a jellyfish?
  19. How old was Phoebe's mom when she got pregnant?
  20. How much did Rachel pay for a ticket to London?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know FRIENDS?