friends or not?

So you know if some is our friend? well if you don't come here. pick one of your friends and answer 10 questions about them and find out if they are truly your friend

do you think you have the right friends. Come see ,cause if you have the wrong friends why bother to be with them. and if you have the right friends continue to select good friends.

Created by: louis irizarry

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do they invite you to there parties?
  2. How often do u hang out
  3. if you got i don't now diabetes like me, would they care about you?
  4. Do they invite you to go out togehter.
  5. lunch!
  6. do they come to you
  7. how often do they give you stuff
  8. who often do they talk bout you
  9. are u confotable goin out with them
  10. wat do u think

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