Are they REALLY your friend?

Friends. This is a word that can mean so many things. There are good friends, best friends, frenemies, not-so-good friends, and enemies. Sometimes, you may hang out with someone because, well, you just do. Or maybe you don't like them, but they're the only person who likes you. Or you could be the best friends in the whole world.

But what is that person you've been wondering about? You may already know, and are just taking this quiz because 1)You're bored 2)You're already positive and just want more proof, or 3)You aren't totally sure. If you answered 1, great. I hope this takes care of it. 2, I hope this is helpful. 3, I hope this gives you a good answer so you can know once and for all.

Created by: Jennifer
  1. You call them up and ask them if they want to go to the movies with you tonight. They say:
  2. You're late to class, and the last seat is by them.
  3. You are assigned partners for a school project, and you end up with them. What happens?
  4. You both like the same guy. How does everything work out?
  5. You tell them a really important secret. What do they do?
  6. How often do you talk to them on IM?
  7. How often do you hang out?
  8. What do they say when your on the phone and they have to go?"
  9. How often do you hear (or hear about) them talking behind your back?
  10. So, would you consider them your friend?
  11. So, do you think you're their friend?

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Quiz topic: Are they REALLY my friend?