How well do you know Friends?

Have you ever watched Friends? Well, I have, and I love it. So, i decided to make a quiz about them. The questions are not so hard (to me) and it's really fun. Try it!

Try the new Friends-quiz! A new fun quiz, just for you! Score as high as you can, and see how well you know your friends! Try it! Try it! Try it! I dare yah!

Created by: Amanda L

  1. What is the first word in the entire show?
  2. Who finds a thumb in a soda can?
  3. What is Ross's children names?
  4. What is Ross and Monicas parents names?
  5. Where do our friends live?
  6. Witch one of the six have a husband named Mike?
  7. What is Joeys manegers name?
  8. Whitch of the three girls had triplets?
  9. The numbers on the aparment-doors to Monica+Rachels aprtment and Jopey+Chandlers apartment change. From what to what?
  10. What is Chandlers middle name?
  11. Witch friend is an actor?
  12. What did Monica say when Joey thought they were going to have sex, so he stood naked in her livingroom? (Let me tell you what happened: She was making lemonade, and she turned around, and, saw him.)
  13. What is Chandlers parents names?
  14. What did you think of this quiz?
  15. What is the last word in the entire show?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Friends?