A correct Friends Quiz

This quiz is about the NBC show Friends, which aired between 1994 and 2004. Take this quiz if you think you are an above average fan and know the intimate details of the cast and Friends' universe.

Do you know Friends? Have you seen every episode? Do you know what Joey's address is in New York? Do you dream about being one of the "Friends"? Take this quiz and find out.

Created by: William Wimmer

  1. What fruit is Ross allergic to?
  2. Who was bitten by a peacock at the zoo?
  3. Who was shot with a dart on the butt?
  4. Why did Joey and Chandler switch apartments with Rachel and Monica?
  5. Who had a secret crush on Joey when he first moved in?
  6. What color is Monica's apartment's walls?
  7. Who is a vegetarian?
  8. Who opened a can of soda and found a thumb floating in it?
  9. Which of Rachel's boyfriends reminded her of Ross?
  10. Joey and Chandler got two pets, what where they?
  11. All the friends bought $250 worth of lottery tickets. The bowl containing the tickets was knocked off the balcony. What kind of animal was it?
  12. Rachel made Trifle with beef for dessert, why did she add beef?
  13. What was Ross's monkey named?
  14. Who get aggressive when they loses?
  15. Who get aggressive when they lose a game?
  16. Who has a twin?
  17. Who sings "Smelly Cat"?
  18. Rachel painted the toe-nails of which friend?
  19. Chandler shaped Joey's eyebrows. Why did he do this?
  20. How much did Phoebe win in the lottery?
  21. What is Joey's favorite food?
  22. How many siblings does Joey have?
  23. What is Phoebe's husband's name?
  24. Who is the oldest friend?
  25. Who is the youngest?
  26. What is Tag's surname?
  27. How old was Monica when she could first tell time?
  28. What was Gunther's first line on the show?
  29. What was Rachel's childhood dog's name?
  30. What was Ross and Monica's childhood dog's name?
  31. What is Chandler's middle name?
  32. What is Rachel's middle name?
  33. Monica categorizes her towels, how many categories are there?
  34. Which of these is not one of Joey's sisters?
  35. What are Rachel's favorite flowers?
  36. Which of the friends is an only child?
  37. What is Joey's address?
  38. What is Monica's address?
  39. What is Phoebe's address?
  40. Which of the friends' names appear most often in the episode titles?

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