Which Friends Character Are You Most Like?

Do you know the the T.V. show Friends? Do you watch it over and over again? Well this Quiz will test your personallity telling you which of the Friends Characters you are most like....

Have you every wondered which Friends character you are most like? Well thanks to this cleaver quiz you don't need to wonder any more! Find out who you are most like in just a couple of minutes....

Created by: Cara
  1. What is your favourite animal?
  2. What is your favoutite food out of the following?
  3. Which word would best describe you?
  4. Do you like ice cream?
  5. Were you popular at collage?
  6. When you are board, do you?
  7. A friend gets you a birthday present, you hope it is?
  8. Among your friend crowd are you?
  9. Compared to your friends are you strong or weak?
  10. What have you got on your bedside table?

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Quiz topic: Which Friends Character am I Most Like?