how awesome is your sauce?

this scale judges your friendship, how strong it is, etc.. the better your sauce, the better your friendships! this quiz is easy and just a few clicks away. let it judge your friendships, and take its advice!

do you have good friendships? take this quiz and find out! this quiz will easily tell you if the friends you have a true friends or not. gonig by the sauce, the better the sauce, better friends!

Created by: john

  1. can you act anyway you want and not care about what people think?
  2. when you do something silly and someone says something about it, will you do it again?
  3. your friend wants you to do something stupid, and you know other people will see you doing it. will you...
  4. people are calling your friends weird. you...
  5. theirs a pile of leaves on the other side of the street and you love rolling around in a leaf pile, but their are plenty of people looking. you...
  6. your best friend since 2nd grade doesnt like your other friends, so you...
  7. would you rather,
  8. are you on any kind of drugs/alchol, etc..
  9. any pets?
  10. do your friends trust you, and do you trust your friends?

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Quiz topic: How awesome is my sauce?