Tonight (a love story) part one

PLEASE READ!! Sorry this part was so boring. If you have any suggestions, Please comment. The other guys will come in the next part. There are three guys. Darian, Jason, Dylan. (next paragraph)

Jason plays hockey and looks kinda like David Archuleta. He is a health nut. Darian plays football and looks like the old Zac Efron. He is sweet and kind. Dylan plays guitar and looks like Cody Simpson. He is a hopeless romantic.

Created by: ashbieber123
  1. Your name is Jessica Blue. You go to school at Mountainview High. YOu have three brothers named Dustin, Alex, and Hunter. Both your parents passed away in a car crash.
  2. Your best friend's name is Carly. She is datiing your brother, Hunter. You and your brothers live with your aunt Franny.
  3. Your alarm went off. It's six in the morning. You get up and do your hair and makeup. You get dressed in...
  4. When you get to school, you see Jason. He has blue eyes, brown hair. He plays hockey. He wears hollister. He eats really healthy.
  5. Jason walks over to you and asks if you can hang out after school. You say...
  6. Lets just say you said yes. He said, "meet you in the courtyard then." "yeah" you said. He waked out of the room.
  7. When you get to math class, you find Carly sitting there crying. You walk over to her and ask whats wrong. SHe said that Hunter dumped her for the popular girl, Jessie.
  8. After math, you find Hunter making out with Jessie. "Hunter! come here" you say. "Wait a minute" he says. "no! now" you say grabbing his arm. "Wait here" he says to Jessie. "what?" he says to you. "What were you thinking? dumping Carly for Jessie? you deserve better than that." you say. (You and hunter are really close ever since your parents death)
  9. "sorry babe" Hunter says to Jessie. "two minutes" (I forgot to mention, you and hunter are twins). "come say sorry to Carly." you say to hunter. "fine." he says. You guys go and find her. When you do, hunter asks to talk to her in private. The walk over to a bench and sit down. Carly looks like she's about to cry, when hunter gets up and hugs her. They look like they have made up. They come back over, and Carly says, "thanks Jess."
  10. Sorry this part was so boring. If you have any suggestions, Please comment. The other guys will come in the next part.

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