Is your Teacher/Principal a ninja?

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Have you ever wondered if your teacher or principal was a ninja? Do they walk in and out of classrooms without anyone noticing? Take this quiz and find out!

So... you're here to see if your school is run by a secret ninja? I know my school is, but what about yours? By answering just a few question you will know once and for all if your teacher/principal is a ninja! Well... what are you waiting for? Just take the quiz already!!!

Created by: elf maiden

  1. Are they almost silent when entering the classroom?
  2. Can you hear them while walking in the hallway?
  3. Do you notice them hovering over your shoulder while you're doing your work?
  4. If it is your principal, does your teacher even notice if he/she is in the classroom?
  5. If it is your teacher, do you notice if they leave the classroom without telling you? (If it is not your teacher then skip this question, same applies for last question)
  6. How quiet are they? (Zero being ninja quiet and five being extremely loud)
  7. How often do you notice them moving around the school?
  8. How scary are they?
  9. How ninja do you think they are? (no effect)
  10. I lied on the last question!!! Will you rate and comment? Please? ( I will set my super ninja monkeys on you if you pick the wrong answer, so please be careful!)

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Quiz topic: Is my Teacher/Principal a ninja?