Should I quit writing (elf maiden)

Hello everyone. As some of you know my name is elf maiden and I'm the author of Mysteries of Magic and Country Love Story. I am thinking of quitting Mysteries of Magic...

... and devoting my time to Country Love Story. Please comment if you have suggestions for Country Love Story (CLS) or want to possibly take over Mysteries of Magic.

Created by: elf maiden

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  1. Hi guys! It's me, elf maiden.
  2. I'm here to tell you I'm stopping Mysteries of Magic.
  3. If anyone wants to take over they can. Or you can just imagine your own endings.
  4. To answer your question I will eventually make part 2 to Country Love Story.
  5. If you have any ideas for the series please comment on part 1 or this quiz.
  6. I'm really out of things to say now. Please comment if you have any ideas for Country love story... I'm kinda stuck right now.
  7. *Random song lyrics will be posted from now until the end of this quiz, please press the submit button at the end of the quiz and let your voice be heard!*
  8. Skip please!
  9. Skip!
  10. Bye!!!

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