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This will be the first of many Valentines day specials! In this one you finally go on a date with the guy you like! I also have something to explain in paragraph 2.

Okay guys, I'll start with character descriptions. Andrew: Black hair with blueish-grey eyes. His powers:mind/body control, invisibility, teleportation, and fire. Zac: Brown hair with hazel eyes. His powers: mind-reading, animal transformations, teleportation, and water. New Guy: ??? Powers: ???

Created by: elf maiden

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  1. Okay guys I'm jus letting you know that this one has nothing to do with the other parts. It is just a little Valentines day treat from me to you! {_____} That means the guy you likes name, got it?
  2. When you wake you find heart-shaped confetti is flying everywhere! You shake your head and start you morning routine, like normal. When you finish you are about to go down to breakfast when someone knocks on your door. "Come in." you say. {_____} burst in your room then showers you with a bucket of confetti saying "Happy Valentines Day _____!, Will you please go on a date with me?"
  3. After breakfast you decide to go and change for the date. What do you wear?
  4. "Wow, you look hot ____!" said {_____}. "Thank you." you replied while trying not to blush. "Where are we going?" you asked innocently. "That is for me to know and you to find out." replied {_____}.
  5. As you walked out to his car he blindfolded you and told you not to peek. The rest of the car ride was spent in complete silence. "We're here!" he said after what seemed like an eternity. "Where is here?" you asked him. "Oh, right, I forgot you were blindfolded, here, let me help you with that." said {_____}. As the blindfold slipped off you saw....
  6. You saw a breathtaking lake with a picnic blanket and portable movie screen! "So ____, what do you want to do first?" {____} asked. "I didn't bring my bathing suit, so that rules out the lake." A smile grew on his face as he reached into the trunk and pulled out your favorite ________ ________ bathing suit.
  7. You guys decide to swim 1st, eat 2nd, and watch the movie 3rd. While in the lake you enjoy splashing, chasing, and dunking each other in the water. {____} brought )insert fav. meal here), which the two of you enjoyed by candle light. As for the movie, you two watched....
  8. At sunset, just before you decided to put on the movie, you and {_____} leaned in towards each other and finally kissed! It was truly magical, yet mysterious at the same time. Either way both of you enjoyed it and was sad that all good things must come to an end.
  9. That's a wrap! How did you guys like my first special?
  10. Please tell me what you think about the new guy! Name: I was thinking something like James. Please tell me if you agree or have something better! Personality: Smart, but very shy one. He keeps to himself a lot! Physical description: Please give me some ideas!
  11. Please rate and comment! I will try to get part 4 out soon! Do not forget to tell me what you think the new guy should look like!

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