The life between magic & boys Pt. 8

Sorry it took me so long to make part 8, I've been busy with school and homework, but i finally made time for it! I hope you guys like whats been happening in the quizzes!

OK so your on the cruise with the guys and you met a guy name Tyler (Dark brown hair and Hazel eyes) and he asks you to hang out (a "date") and so i don't get to finish the date because its going to be sort of long, but please comment your ideas!

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-cap: Your walking back to your room,and the guys make you play ding dong ditch. So you do it, and end up knocking on Tyler's door.
  2. "___its your turn." Alex says. "What? No I don't want to get in trouble." You try to work your way out of it. "C'mon, unless your to scared." Max winks at you. "Im not scared!" You yell back. "Prove it." Alex and Max say. Josh and Calisto are laughing in the back round Chanting "Do it! Do it! Do it!' They continue to do it. "Fine. But you guys better hide." You say. You all walk up to the next giant wooden door. The silver numbers read room 1145. *knock, knock, knock* The door almost immediately opened. You didn't have enough time to run so you turned invisible. "Hello?" You hear a guys voice say, you looked around the wooden pillar. *You gasp* Its Tyler...
  3. You hesitated and didn't know what to do, so you go sneak around the corner. You hear the door shut, so you go walk back around to find the guys. "Oh hey ____." You run into Tyler. "Heyyyy!" You say awkwardly. "Did you see anybody knock on my door?" You ask him. "No.. Why?" You ask, and don't know why your nervous. "Never mind, but hey I got to go, see ya later cutie." He winks at you and walks the opposite way. Uh-oh.. you think to yourself. "What the hell was that about?"Alex says walking up to you. "I don't kn-" You get interrupted by Josh "We just met the kid today. Who the h-ll does he think he is?" Josh says angry. You look at Max and Calisto and they look like they want to rip his head off...
  4. "Lets go." You say leading the guys towards your room. "We have the whole day, and nothing to do." Max says. "yeah what should we do?" Calisto asks. You turn around the corner leading to your door. "I don't know, were on a cruise, lets have fun." Josh says opening the door for you guys. "Yeah I need to relax." You laugh walking in. "I gunna go pee." Max says walking into the bathroom. 'Thanks Max, Cuz we have to know that." Josh laughs. "I got it! Lets go swimming!" Alex says. "Yeah! I'm up for it." Josh says. "Me too."Calisto throws in. "Lets get ready." Alex says walking out of the room. You go walk to your bedroom and wonder if you even have a swimming suit so you go check your suitcases. "Yes!" You exclaim. Calisto packed the ones from when you guys hung out. What do you wear?
  5. You put on the swimming suit you chose and put a white sundress over it. You realized it made you look really pretty, and tan. You grab a bag an put some things you need in it and walk out to the living room. "Hey _____. You read- woah." Max says stopping mid sentence. "You look hot." Alex coughs and the guys all agree. "Shut up." You blush and go sit down. "Is everybody ready?" Josh says "Yeah I think so." You say. "Lets go!" Alex says running to the door. You were kind of excited because you've never been on a cruise, and especially with out your parents and every. Thinking about your family made you kind of sad, you missed your family a lot, but they think your at an academy far away for all girls. You all walk down the hallway which leads you to a bunch of turns. "Anybody know the way to the pool?" Calisto asks. "I think its this way." Josh turns left, and you guys follow. "I see it!" Alex says. You see two giant glass doors which lead to the deck. Max opens the doors. "Holy crap this place is huge." You see a giant pool with a strange creative park. "Sweet." Calisto says looking around. Theres so many things you don't even know where to start. You make a plan in your head. 'I want to swim a little, go to the jacuzzi, check out the park, surf, and then go eat. yeah that sounds good' you think to yoursef. "im going to go check this place out a little more." Alex says. "Im going to." "Me too." Max and Calisto join him. "I guess its just you and me." Josh smiles at you. "Lets go swim." You laugh
  6. Josh sets his things down at a table, and you do too. You take of your flips flops, but get nervous about taking your dress off. Josh has never seen that much of you. You look over at Josh and see him take of his shirt, your eyes widen. He has a nice tan eight pack. "You ready." He looks over at you. "Oh, uh- uhm, yeah hold on." You slowly take of the dress and lets your hair fall over your shoulder. "Wow, your really beautiful." Josh says, and you swear you saw his eyes sparkle a little. You still feel a little nervous because hes staring at you quite a lot. "Thanks." You blush and look down. "Lets go." Josh takes your hand an leads you to the pool. He lets go off your hand when you get to the edge of the pool, but you guys are on the deep side. "Watch this." He smirks at you and takes a couple of steps back. "Wohoooo!" He starts running and does a front flip into the pool. You cant help but laugh, and be a little impressed. You look around and see everyone staring, but you didn't really care because you wanted to have fun. Josh pops his up out of the water, his black hair all wet. "Your turn." He smiles at you. "No way, Im not going to jump in." You step back. "Come one, are you scared of water?" He laughs teasing you. "No!" You stick your tongue out. "Then jump, show me what you got!" He winks at you. "Fine, its going to me better then your lame tumble." You laugh taunting him. You take a couple of steps back. "Okay, you can do this." You say whispering to your self. "1... 2... 3! WOOOHHHOOOOOOOOO!" You scream at the top of your lungs and run towards the water. *splash* you feel a cold rush take control of your body. The water felt cold but relaxing. You push your body to the surface, and breather, you wipe your eyes off and see Josh laughing. "Owned." You splash water at his face. "I've got to admit, that was impressive." He laughs and splashed water back at you. "Hey wanna go check out the water slide?" He ask. "Yeah lets do this." You laugh
  7. You both start walking up wet metal stairs. Your feet feel cold, and the stairs are long which are making you tired, but your almost at the top. "Can two people go on at a time?" You ask. "I hope so, because I've got to admit, I'm kind of scared." He laughs. "Whaaaat? You laugh "I had an accident when i was little. I felt like i was drowning on the slide and well i haven't been on one in a while." He laughs "Don't worry, I'll be happy to go one with you." You smile at him. "Next person." You hear the lifeguard say. "Can we both go on?" You ask him with puppy eyes. "The maximum amount of people on at a time are 3, you two go on the left." He points you to a light blue tube. "Oh.." You laugh and walk over, to a raft just big enough for the both of you. "Do you want to sit in the back or front?" He asks you. "Front." You offer since you know hes a little nervous. "Okay" He sits down on the end of the raft, and you end up sitting in front of him in between his legs. "Sir, I need you to hold on to her because the handle on these rafts aren't very sturdy." You both look up at the guy, its a lifeguard. "Oh uhm okay." He wraps his arms around your stomach, it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and protected. You look back up at the lifeguard and see him smiling at Josh, he doesn't see you staring at him though. "Okay off you go guys." He counts you off and pushes a button that makes you guys go down the tube. "Im not so scared anymore.." Josh says over your shoulder. "Why not?" You sort of turn to look at him, and look forward again. The raft is starting to go move. "Because your here..." He squeezes you. You can't help but feel super happy, and loved. "I'm glad I'm here." You turn and smile at him. "Holy crap theres a huge drop." He says and you turn around. "Oh my gosh.." you gasp. For a cruise the slide was HUGE, so was the park. you could see the ocean going as far as your eye can see. "Okay, uh.. were almost going to drop." You say kind of getting scared too. The raft was slowing turning downward like when your at the top of a roller coaster. The raft tips forward. "AHHHH" "Holy Sh-t!" You and Josh scream soaring down the tube. You guys went flying down and you guys got attacked with water turning a corner. You saw the bottom of the pool. *SPLASH* You guys went flying into the pool. You pull your self to the surface, and wipe off your eyes. "That wasn't so bad." Josh comes up behind you. "No it wasnt." You laugh. Hey I'm going to go get us something to drink." He says to you. "Alright, hurry." You tell him.
  8. Josh walked away and you went to go sit on the edge of the pool. You sat down and let your feet play in the water. "Hey cutie." You look up and see three guys. One had brown hair and blue eyes, another had brown hair and brown eyes, and the one who was talking to you had blonde hair and green eyes. "Uhm.. Hi.." you say slowly. "Whats your name?" He says. "Uh, _____." You reply "Well I'm Cory, that's Michael." He points to the one with brown hair and eyes. "and that's Nick." He points at the brown haired boy with blue eyes. "So whats a pretty girl like you doing by herself?" He asks. "Actually I'm waiting for my friend.." You reply. "Oh.. Shes got a friend guys." He smirks and looks at the other two. Michael laughs saying "Score." but Nick doesn't do anything, he actually seems kind of annoyed. "Want to come hang with us?" Cory asks you. "No thanks, like I said, I'm waiting for my friend." You reply "C'mon just for a little bit." He says grabbing your hand. "I said NO THANKS." You pull your arm away. "Hey ___, you okay?" Josh says walking up staring at the guys, he puts the drinks down at the table. "Go away, I'm talking to her." Cory says to Josh. "I'm here with her, so why don't you go take this somewhere else." Josh says getting mad. "What are you her boyfriend." Cory takes a step forward. "No-" You cut Josh off. "Yes, now go away." You say stepping in front of Josh, who is staring at you in a confused way. "Cory." You see a blond girl come up at hug him. "Hey babe." He says. The girl looks at you with a dirty look. "Who's that?" She asks sneering at him. "I'm ____, the girl your so called boyfriend was trying to hit on." You say. "Ewww, yeah right, you wish you could get Cory." The girl says. You look at Cory, who is still staring at Josh. "Seriously? Well obviously your boyfriend was looking for something better looking, so he left you and came looking for me, so yeah it is me over you. Plus My boyfriend is much hotter." You grab Josh's hand and walk away.
  9. "Damn ___!"Josh stops and stand in front of you, and you stop. "What?" You ask. "That was so hot!" He laughs, which makes you laugh too. "Hey I was just being honest." You laugh "Well since you called me your pretend boyfriend.. I can do this for the day." He leans in and kisses you. His lips felt soft against yours, and your stomach was full of butterflies. He was hugging your waist, and gave you a little squeeze, pulling you closer to him. Your hands were around his neck, you were pressing closely against him. You guys kissed for awhile, and you heard some people walking by, some said get a room, other said awwww. You guys finally pulled away. "That was amazing.." He look into your eyes, his arms still around your waist. "Today was so much fun." You hugged him tightly. "It was, but here come the guys." You guys pull away and turn around.
  10. "Hey.." Alex says coming up to you tired and out of breath, as were the other two. "What did you guys do?" Josh says laughing at them. "We've been working out.." Max says "Yeah it was fun." Calisto says. "Well I'm going to go get something to drink" Max says. "Im going with." "Me too." Alex and Josh go with him. "Wanna go to the jacuzzi?" You ask Calisto. "Sure, lets go." He smiles at you.
  11. You both walk over the giant glowing jacuzzi, decorated with marble pillars. You slowly slip your feet in, feeling the warm water steaming again your skin. You walk in a little more the water ends at the middle of your thigh, so you sit in the corner the water warming you. "Wow, this water is hot." Calisto laughs sitting next to you. "That's the point of a jacuzzi." You laugh back. "I know" He laughs. "So how are you liking the vacation so far?" You ask him. "Its pretty fun, I've never actually been on a cruise so its interesting." He says. "I've never been on one ether, but my parents did before I was born, it was there honeymoon... but there divorced now." You tell him, it hurt you to think about it, but then you remember Calisto didn't have his parents. "Oh.. I'm so sorry, I forgot.. I-" You say in a sorry tone. "Don't worry, I like to talk about my parents, I cant just forget about them you know? Act like it never happened." He says looking over at you. "What were they like?" You ask him, he looks over at you. "My dad was a peaceful man, never yelled, or got angry once. I've never seen my dad angry, ever. He didn't care for war, he would always say you don't fight other men in order to be called a man, if you want to be called a man you show your love to a woman and take care of your family." He looked down. "My mom.. she was amazing, and beautiful.. she also was never mean, or rude to anyone.. always caring. She's the one who named me, her name was Calista, so they named me Calisto, which means "Most Beautiful".. she always made me feel better. When I found out she went missing, along with my father, I went completely out of control.. Knowing she wasn't going to be there for me scared me. That's when I went after Erika and the b-tch turned me into tinkerbell.." He laughs sightly. You hug him. "Im so sorry.. for everything you've been through.." he hugs you back, holding you tightly. You guys stay that way for awhile. "You know, when your around I feel so much better, like all my problems just disappear.." He says to you. You pull away "I'm glad I can make you feel better." You smiles at him, looking into his bright green eyes. "Your so beautiful." He says staring back into your eyes. He leans in a presses his soft lips against your. You feel warm all over, and it was the water, but being in the jacuzzi made the kiss more intense. Your body pressed against his abs, his arms around your waist, your arms on his shoulder, you were really enjoying the moment. You guys pulled away. "This water is burning the hell out of my skin, wanna go walk around?" He laughs asking you. "I know same, lets go." You stand up laughing. You guys go walk over to the table and get towels. "Hey whats up guys?" Max, Josh, and Alex walk up.
  12. "Just got out of the jacuzzi." Calisto says wiping off his hair with a towel."Im hungry, I'm gunna go eat." Josh says. "Wait has anyone gone to the park? I want to check it out." Max says. "I'll go with you, I want to see it too." You say. "Alright I'll see you guys later." You and Max walk over the the park. It a big pool full of stairs, parks, slides, swings, and a lazy river. "Where shall we start?" You laugh asking Max. "You pick." You smiles at you. "Lets go on the slide!" You laugh walking toward the slides. "Wow that's a long line." You say. "Its okay we can wait." Max says. "Yeah but its cold." You shiver. He looks you up and down. "Your really hot, you know. No not hot, gorgeous." He smiles and hugs you. You feel warm in his arms, his abs pressing against your cool stomach. You both pull away. "Hey ____." Max says. "yeah?" You reply. "Do you take karate?" He asks staring at you. "Uhm, no." You laugh "cuz your body is kickin'" He winks at you. "Oh haha! Good one." You laugh "Hey Max, if you were a booger, I'd pick you first." You say and Max laughs. "Can I have a picture of you? So I can show Santa what I want for Christmas." He smiles at you, and you laugh. "I hope there's firefighters on this boat, cuz you're smokin'" You wink at him and he laughs. He stops and stares into your eyes. "Why does it feel like the most beautifulest girl in the world is in this room." You stare back into his oceanic eyes. "Next!" You hear the life guard yell. "Lets race! Loser has to kiss the winner." Max smiles at you. "It's on!" You laugh. "Like Donkey Kong." He winks at you. You both go sit on the slides. "Wait unitl i say Go, have fun." The life guard says. You and Max hold onto the bar above your heads, waiting to cruise down the slide. "Okay.. GO!" You and Max zoom down the slide. You lay on your back to go faster, the slide is splashing water at your face as you turn corners, twirling down the slide. You see the bottom, but then boom, Max is right in front of you and you both go tumbling into the water. You swim to the surface. "What was that?" You ask. "Sorry, I teleported." You laughs. "Cheater! I win." You laugh back. "Looks like I have to kiss you." He says "I gues-" He picks you u[ like you weight nothing. His arms are around your waist, and your legs are around him. He's staring deeply into your eyes. You could of stared into his eyes forever, but then he kissed you. He hugs you tightly. You felt perfect in his arms, the kiss was passionate. You felt butterflies in your stomach, and your body tingling. You pull away. "Your a good kisser." Max smiles at you. "You are too." you laugh at him. "Lets go sit at a table." He grabs your hand and leads you to the table.
  13. You sit at the table, and talk for a while. "Hellooo." Calisto says coming up to you guys with Alex and Josh. "Hey." you smile at them. "That was some good food." Josh says rubbing his stomach. "Yeah it was, but Alex didn't eat." Calisto says. "Yeah I'm not hungry yet. Hey ___ Want to go surfing with me?" Alex asks you. "Yeah! I want to try that out." You reply to him. "Sweet let's go." He walks down the poolside "Later ___" The guys say. "Have you ever been surfing?" Alex asks you. "Nope, but I want to learn." You say. "Its really fun, its over there." You guys start walking over the a giant shallow pool with mats and a surf board. "How many people?" The lifeguard says. "Just us two." Alex says. "This way." He point to a staircase that leads to the surf board. "Hello, have either of you ever surfed before?" The other lifeguard asks. "Yeah I have, She hasn't but I was hoping I could help her instead." Alex ask the lifequard. "That's fine." He replies and point to the first area, there were a coupe of surf boards, and you go stand near it. "Im kind of scared I'm going to fall" you laugh. "Don't worry, I'll catch you." He smiles. You both stand on the board. "What do I do?" You ask "Well first, you stand like this." He grabs your hips and turns them. "and you bend your knee's a little for balance." He shows you the position. "Okay so that's it?" You ask "Pretty much, just use your body to control the board." He says I'll be right next to you." He says. You were nervous, you didn't want to fall, but you trusted Alex. "Okay, I'm ready." You say, and Alex hits a button that makes the water come rushing out. You stand on the board ready to fall. The water finally meets the board and your floating on the water, you used your legs to move the board, you swirved it a little. You felt like a pro. "Wooo! Go ___!" Alex cheered. You had it all under control, but then a huge wave came and hit the board. You lost balance and started to fall backwards, your heart was racing. You fell into Alex's arms. "Told you I wouldn't let you fall. " He says staring in you eyes. "Thank you.." You reply getting lost in his dark blue eyes, he leans in and kisses you. You feel girly in his arms, and safe. Your body got goose bumps from his gentle touch. *Splash* You guys get soaked with water. "Oh my gosh! That water is sooo cold!" You laugh, and he puts you down. "Yeah, that was freezing." He laughs with you. "I'm sort of hungry now." He says. "Me too." You reply "Lets go eat." He says walking you out of the pool.
  14. You and Alex start walking together, and run into the guys. "Hey what are you guys going to do?" Josh asks you guys. "Me and ____ are going to go eat." Alex says "You guys wanna come with?" Alex asks them. "Yeah" "Sure" "Im hungry" They all reply. "Wait, What time is it?"You ask "Its 4:15" Max tells you. It was almost time to go meet Tyler, and you had to get ready. "Oh its so early, I was actually starting to feel kind of sick." You reply "Are you ok?" Calisto asked worried, as do the others. "Yeah I'm fine, I'm just going to go back to the suite and lay down. "Want us to come with?" They ask. "No I'm fine its just girl troubles." You lie "Oh.." The guys all say in a awkward tone. "Yeah I'll see you guys later." You walk out the big glass doors, and once they shut, you start running to your room. You get there and open the door. "What time is it?" You check the clock "4:28" You go to your room, take your clothes off and show. Once your done you come out and walk to your suitcases for something to wear. What do you decide to wear?
  15. You change into whatever you picked and go stand in front of the mirror. You like what your wearing, but don't know what to do with your hair, since you usually straighten it or put it in a pony tail. "Lets curl it today." You say walking into the bathroom. You find the curler and start doing your hair. By the time your done its 5:47. Your hair looks amazing. You make sure you look okay and walk out the door.
  16. You walk down a couple of hallways and then finally turn a corner that leads you to the Grand Staircase, you see Tyler sitting on the stairs. You walk up to him "Hey" You smile. He stand up, and smiles back. "Wow, you look really pretty." He says staring at you with his hazel eyes. "Thanks you blush. " So what are we going to do?" You ask, "Well I wanted to give you a personal tour of the ship." He tells you. "Awesome, I've never been on a cruise, this is my first one, and its pretty amazing." You tell him. "Well I'm glad I cant be your very first your." He smiles at you. You notice he has a really cute smile, you like it a lot. "lets get started." He offers you his arm. "Why thank you." You smiles at him. "Your welcome, beautiful." His smiles makes your heart melt.
  17. Well that's the end of Part 8, sorry I didn't get to do the whole date thing, but it's going to be sort of long so I'm going to do it next quiz. Comment, and rate? Thanks! (:

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