A Warrior Cat Love Story (SHE CATS ONLY) Part Four

I see you have stumbled across my quiz. This is part four of my series, A Warrior Cat Love Story! I suggest you read the first ones, then everything will probably make alot more sense.

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Created by: mewmew212
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  1. Who's ready? Did'ya do the last quiz? If not, go do it. Naooo
  2. Okay. Lets go!
  3. A screech rang through the air. A flash of a glossy, raven-black pelt went by. The camp exploded into battle.
  4. He was being overpowered fast. With an angry yowl, you jumped in, despite the pain in your paw. You both fought furiously, him defending you, you defending him. "Don't worry, I brought some warriors along." He whispered.
  5. Soon, the camp was being attacked by a small group of six ThunderClan warriors: Silverclaw, Lightningheart, Shadowbolt, Dawnheart, Ivyhawk, and you. The warriors were still weak and injured, so winning was but another chore on their list. Just as you thought you were done though, a warrior leapt from out of nowhere and pinned you down. He made a swift blow to your face. The last thing you heard was Silverclaw calling your name, then everything went black.
  6. You wake in a cage, beneath the large oak tree at the edge of ShadowClan territory. You try to get up, but a wave of pain roll over you and you feel as though something is cutting through your paws. You look down to see your paws and legs binded to the cage walls, and they are very tight. You try to gnaw on the cage. It doesn't work. Suddenly, a shadow looms over you.
  7. A rugged, scarred warrior is outside. His amber eyes gleamed menacingly, his teeth were yellow and cracked. His claws were long, bloodstained and hooked. You snarl. "Bloodfang." You remember him from childhood, as you were once kidnapped by him. He smiled maliciously. "Hello, ____, Darling." He said mockingly. You growled.
  8. (Btw, ____ means your name) He laughed. "What do you want?" You hissed. He glared down at you. "Revenge. Revenge for what Thunderclan has done to me. You are the perfect sacrifice." What do you say?
  9. He snarls. "Is that so?" He stuck a claw in, and he scratched your face. You were now temporarily blinded by blood. He takes his claws across you back, making long, thin marks. You yelp in pain. He chuckles and walks away.
  10. You sit there, splayed out, when suddenly, something rustles. You can't see or smell, so you prick your ears towards the sound. It rustled more. You could feel something coming...
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Thanks for reading, sorry for not updating in a while. I've been busy. Well, peace! Hope you enjoyed!

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