~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story: Part 5]~

Hello guys, Br0wnieBunny here. This is the fifth part of my new series: ~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story]~, and I appreciate that you are taking the time to read it.

Let me tell you guys what. Every day, or every 2-3 days, a new part of ~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story]~ will be finalized and posted. Thank you guys!

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
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  1. First of all, I'd like to point out that in the previous part, I had made a typo in the first post. Instead of it saying "third part of the series", I meant for it to say "fourth part of the series". Copy-paste somehow gets me every time..anyways, if you have not read part one, part two, part three, and part four, please go read all of those parts before you start reading this. Thanks!
  2. Whitestorm, right after, leaped out of the bushes. "Gah!" Rusty took a step back. "Whitestorm! Where's Lionheart?" Whitestorm lashed his tail. "I killed him." Rusty flattened his ears, his voice grew cold and terrified. "B-but..with the clans..and you guys are loyal--and..you guys are in the same clan! Why would you do that!?"
  3. "It's about power." Whitestorm arched his back. "I only killed Lionheart so that I could be the deputy. I would make a much better deputy than that mane-fur." Rusty stood in horror. Whitestorm narrowed his eyes. "Look, kid. As I said, it's about power. You remove everything and everyone in your way. You need to become allies with everyone so that your forces have the greater odds. You need to be ruthless and break every rule, even if it means you become the greatest cat by doing so!"
  4. "It's about power?" Rusty gasped. "You bet." Whitestorm licked his paw. "Oh.." Rusty looked down. "I thought it was about loyalty, like Bluestar said. I thought it was about keeping your clanmates safe, even though you had to put your life at risk to do so. I thought it was about helping to feed the mouths that need to be fed. And I thought it was about working together as a team to help the clan survive."
  5. Whitestorm grunted. "Yeah, I guess it is. Let's just head back towards the clan camp." Whitestorm and Rusty made their way over the fallen trees in the path, and into the ThunderClan camp. "Where's Bluestar, anyway?" Rusty lashed his tail as he walked. "She's in the camp." Whitestorm looked at Rusty, then started trotting again.
  6. Bluestar padded up to Whitestorm. "Welcome back." Whitestorm dipped his head. "Thank you. And as for you, Rusty," he looked at Rusty. "You passed." Rusty tilted his head. "Passed?" Whitestorm nodded. "You passed. You passed the test." Rusty's eyes widened. "It was a test?" Whitestorm nodded. "Yes."

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