Warrior Cats Love Story- Part 2 (She-Cats Only!)

If you haven't done part 1, do it now, or you will be totally lost. It's called Warrior Cats Love Story- Part 1 (She-Cats Only). You must type it in exactly how it is right here or it might not show up. (Extra Credit: Also type in 'by MoonlitFurryBlossom')

So, this is a love story, where you're a she-cat with three toms padding after her. You will go through a series of roleplay (rp) questions, and at the end it will reveal which tom you like.

Created by: MoonlitFurryBlossom

  1. So, just a quick recap if you're too lazy to do Quiz 1. You are a She-cat named Rosepaw with three toms who like you. Bumblepaw, Streampaw, and Harepaw. You have a sister named Cherrypaw. (Btw it ended with a cliffhanger where you find two foxes when your out on patrol)
  2. So, there are two foxes when you're coming back from a patrol. Streampaw, surprisingly, jumps out in front of the rest of you, hissing. Bumblepaw hisses too, and at the same moment, you and Harepaw move to attack too. You and Harepaw glance awkwardly at each other as your pelts brush. You...
  3. You fight the foxes. Strangely, every time a fox is about to attack you, one of the toms is there.
  4. After the fight, you get back to the camp thankfully in one piece. Your patrol announces the fox attack to your leader, and he decides to make Harepaw, Bumblepaw, and Streampaw warriors! Their new names are Harerunner, Bumblepelt, and Streamflurry. You cheer loudest for...
  5. After the ceremony, you walk up to _________ and say,
  6. You spend the whole day training. You drop your squirrel in the fresh-kill pile and grab a fat vole to yourself. You sit down to eat...
  7. After the sun is set, you wake up in the night to make dirt and see Streamflurry slipping out of camp! You...
  8. You follow him, with or without one of the other toms. You see him sit down in a clearing. He looks up at the sky. You wait for a moment. All he does is just look at the sky. Oh, thank StarClan, you think. He just likes a view of the stars! You pad back to camp. If you chose one of the toms to come with you, you say,
  9. You have a couple normal days. Soon, your and your sister's mentors announce you will have your warrior asssesment in a few days!
  10. Just because I wanna ask, what name would you like to have? (Won't affect score, just wondering,)

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