What Jonas Brother secretly crushes on you!

Do you wonder what Jonas Brother is right for you? If you do take my quiz and find out.This quiz was reall fun to make.I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!Hope you like the results.

Do you like the Jonas Brothers? Do you know who they are. Well in my opnion I think they are really HOT!If you don't like them then take this quiz for the fun of it.

Created by: JonasLuver123 of horseland
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  1. where do you go on a first date?
  2. You and Nick are on the couch watching a movie. Suddenly you hear crashes from the kitchen.When you walk in the kitchen and Joe is wearing eggs. You_____.
  3. One night kevin starts throwing rocks at your window. You ____.
  4. One day Nick askes you if yor want to go in tour with them you say____.
  5. What Jonas Brother is your favorite
  6. Your a sucker for ____.
  7. What jonas Brother would you want to make out with the most?
  8. You think that having sibblings is great.
  9. What is your favorite song?
  10. What charecter describes you best?

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