which jonas brother is the ONE for you

In this quiz you will find out which jonas brothers is the right one for you. This quiz is about personal things that will help me decide woh is for you. To complete this quiz you'll have too answer each qustion truthfully.

Have you ever wanted to know wich jonas brothers is for you? well now you are about to find out. There are fifteen short questions and then you'll find your match. I hope that you have fun and end up with the jonas brother you want. Remember too have fun and answer honestly!!

Created by: randee
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which ice cream do you like better?
  2. What's you favorit Color?
  3. What's your favorit sport?
  4. What's your favorit food?
  5. what musical talent do you have?
  6. What's your favorit season?
  7. what number do you like better
  8. which animal do you like better?
  9. what do you like better?
  10. how many brothers do you have?
  11. how many sisters do you have?
  12. what do you like better?
  13. What do you like better?

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