What kind of candy are you?

This quiz will match you with a certain candy based on your personality and choices in this quiz. Hopefully your candy matches your personality and if it doesn't...I'm sorry ):D

Just remember that this quiz will not necessarily match you perfectly, but it will attempt to get the most accurate answer. Without further ado, let's take this quiz!

Created by: SprinkledSpice
  1. You and your friends are going on a trip! What will you do?
  2. You're at a restaurant. What do you want to eat?
  3. Someone tells you that you look nice. How do you react?
  4. What kind of toothpaste do you use?
  5. What is on your pizza?
  6. What do you want in your significant other?
  7. What catches your eye at a store?
  8. What's your favorite animal?
  9. What are your two favorite colors?
  10. And finally, what is your favorite candy type?

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Quiz topic: What kind of candy am I?