Witch Jonas Brother would go out with you #3

This is part 3 of my series of Jonas Brothers quizes so if you want to find out with Jonas Brother would want to go out with you then just take the quiz! Is it Kevin? Or maybe Joe? It might even be Nick! Just simply take this quiz to find out! This quiz give the best results!

Remember while takng this quiz that if you like Joe try to step in his shoes! What would he do? Same with Kevin and Nick! Do you like the cute funny one? The cute sensitive one? Or the Cute and romantic one? Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: savannah

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  1. The Jb's miss you, so they call you and want you to come back to stay with them for a while! What do you say?
  2. You come back and are so excited! So are the JB's! What's the first thing that you say to them?
  3. You somehow found out that the only reason that the Jb's invited you here is because the Jb's have a crush on you, What do you do now that you have found out?
  4. Tomarrow is Kevin's Birthday! What do you buy him?
  5. The next day you wake up early and find Nick crying in the dinning room alone in the dark, What do you do?
  6. Joe is getting dressed in his room, and he leaves his door open a peek, What do you do?
  7. The Jb's Dad accidently breaks Kevin's guitar and asks you to go out and buy the same one, what so you say?
  8. Your waiting for the JB's to come home from a concert, and when they do only Nick and Kevin come in with Mrs.Jonas, what do you ask them?
  9. Turns out that Joe had to go to the hospital because he fell on stage, what do you say to him when he gets home?
  10. Joe broke his finger on stage, and he is sitting in the couch in pain, how do you make him fell better?
  11. You and the Jonas Brothers are trying to write a song, but your all brainless, so what do you do to get your brains going?
  12. Your home along with Frankie(the Jonas Brothers little brother)and Frankie wants to play a game, what do you play with him?
  13. You need to go back home so you can celebrate Christmas with your family, how do you say goodbye to the JB's?

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