Witch Jonas Brother would want to date you?

Do you luvv the jonas brothers? Do you wanna date one than take this quiz to find out! Who will it be Joe. Or Nick. Or Kevin? Take this quiz to find out pleeaassee!!!

My favorite jonas brother is Joe and i dont know about you but You Have to go on Youtube and watch him dance to single ladies by byoncé!!! It was sooooooo Funny!!! so go and watch it. after you take this quiz!!!

Created by: Savannah (Mrs Joe Jonas)

  1. Ok your singing at your talent show and the Jonas Brothers so happend to be there backstage. They think your an amazing singer and want you to come on tour with them. You say...
  2. Ok your in their limo and they are going to your house to let you pack your stuff. But OH NO your room is a total mess. What do you tell them?
  3. Ok your going to the jonas brothers house. Dont freak out now. You follow Nick into his room and he sees you looking at a pair of his boxer shorts on the floor. He points behind you and says ''Hey is that Justin Timberlake?" You look and he grabs his underwear. You look back giggling. What do you say?
  4. Kevin is already packed so he grabs your arm and takes you outside to show you the tour bus. Whats your reaction?
  5. Joe, Nick and Frankie come out and everyone gets on the bus. And your last to get on and Joe is in front of you but then falks backwards onto you. What do you do?
  6. Ok your on the bus with the Jonas Brothers. They ask you what you wanna watch on TV. What do you watch?
  7. Ok its 10:00 and everyone is tired so everyone goes to bed. Then you hear a noise in the other room. You go to see what it is. Its Joe eating your favorite ice cream you specificly bought yourself. What do you say?
  8. Its the next day and everyone decides to stop and go swimming. When your in the pool OH NO!!! your bikini top accidently comes off!!! The Jonas Brothers didnt notice yet. You want to put it back on but you cant find it What Do You Do???
  9. Ok at one of the jobros shows Nick blows you a kiss onstage then once you go back stage he gives you a rose. Whats your reaction?
  10. Your sitting on your bunk when you hear Kevin making angry noises. You ask him whats wrong. He says he lost his purity ring. What do you say?
  11. Joe Is looking through your bunk. You ask him why and he says he lost his straightener. What do you say?
  12. Ok its the end of the tour and Joe brings you onstage during a show and asks you to live with them. What do you say?

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