So you think you know Gerard McCarthy/Kris Fisher

Gerard McCarthy plays Kris Fisher in hollyoaks, but just how popular is he? A lot of people think he is popular, but some disagree. Some people need to knwo, just how popular he really is.

So you think you know Gerard McCarthy/Kris Fisher. This quiz tests just how much of a fan you are. So go ahead - test your fanship with this quiz, you never know, he may just realise he has true fans out there and know that YOU are one of them

Created by: Jenna

  1. Where does Gerard McCarthy come from?
  2. When was Gerard McCarthy born?
  3. In Hollyoaks, what is the real name of Gerard's Character?
  4. What is Kris's brother called
  5. How is Kris's sexuality described?
  6. What is Gerard overcoming to raise money for charity
  7. What did Gerard sing for children in need?
  8. Who is Kris 2?
  9. Kris told Jess he was very choosy when........?
  10. Which of these programs HASN'T Gerard appeared on?

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