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  • Are you serioius the teacher said that!? That's really messed up! Anyways don't worry. You aren't alone. Last year the same thing happened. But everything gets better with time. Like DOA said, be proud of who you are. Anybaody who says you are a nobody isn't worth wasting your time on. Now here is what I would do in your situation(pretty much what I did) There's actually a couple things you can do.1) Start a new trend. It can be like an accessory or something. 2) Try to be more open to people. Do small acts of kindness to anybody who looks like they are having a rough day. 3) Take a risk in doing something nobody has done before like sit at the popluar table or something. If they ask like what are you doing here? Just say something like eating my lunch what are you doing here? Try not to let people get to you. If someone asks you a question to copy or something you think is wrong, it's ok to say no. 4) Don't take this the wrong way cuz I am only trying to help. Don't be a doormat. Don't let people boss you around. Don't let people throw you under the bus. That will lower your self esteem. 5) Strike up a conversation with someone new. The worst they can say is I don't feel like talking much. 6) Don't be afraid to ask questions. If someone is sitting by themselves just go up to them and ask if you can sit with them. Who knows they could be someone who is thinking of harming themselves! (that's not a joke because that seriously happens :I) And for those people who tell you that you smile weirdly, point something out about them. People shouldn't do that to you cuz that isn't really polite. Well anyways I hope I helped. Please tell us what you ended up doing. The best of luck to you

  • I feel for you, girl. I would be better at this if I actually knew you, but it appears to me that maybe the crucial thing here is to stop being shy. If you're just a loner, that's fine. Just act very confident. If you usually sit with condecending girls at lunch or something, some day just go and sit by yourself. If anyone asks you if something is wrong, say no, that you're just fine. Have good posture and speak your mind. Try new things, but do what you're good at. Don't even worry about guys in a romantic way. Just try your best to act cool and confident, and this will draw people to you. If you feel like friends aren't being loyal or nice to you, don't feel afraid to cast them off, just be sure to do it very tactfully. I hope this helps, and the key is this: Be confident. Be polite. Be yourself. Be an alpha wolf, right? Grrrrr! =) Good luck to you, my friend! I'm not saying that you'd want to, but if you want to talk, respond to this comment and I'll give you my email address.

  • Kay I know EXACTLY how you feel cuz this was my dilemna for so long too! I always thought I was shy. But I am not, I'm quiet. Quiet is when you would say something if you had something to say; shy is when even if you have something to say, you are simply afraid to say it. I am quiet around people I've just met but once I get to know them it's fine. But see I was always the awkward one in my circle of friends. I always just ended up sitting there and listening to their conversations and rarely joining in. So after like a year I had had enough and I started hanging out with another group of girls who I can totally be myself around. The other girls I just never clicked with. You really just need to find someone who is like you. Find a shy person to hang out with. YOLO so just up and talk to them. Btw if people hate on you ever, it's because you have something they want.

  • I used to think that I was shy, but I was quiet, so not many people wanted to be my friend. If nobody cares about you, then they're are messed up. If you want more friends, just try to do a little small talk with people next to you. If it's too much to handle, it's okay. I was always treated like a freak, and then I finally started talking just a tiny bit more, and they finally treated me normally! Just smile your smile. If people don't like it, that's their problem. People shouldn't be so rude. Good luck!

  • There really isn't much that you can do. It's not your fault, it's your friends faults for not liking you how you really are.

    I use to have a lot of friends, and now I have like one. I don't know why either though because I try to be nice to people. I can't get a boyfriend either because they want to be my friend and that's it. One guy even said that I was pretty, but he didn't want to be my boyfriend because he didn't wanna ruin our friendship.

    I'm kinda shy too, but you just have to find something that you like and make friends from the same interests. You express yourself through whatever you like. Don't worry about being like the other girls. Don't worry about fitting in. Don't worry about flirting. Find something that you enjoy. Be yourself and be proud of it and don't let anyone put you down and push you around.

  • When i was in Kindergarten i was in 3rd grade i felt the.same way as you were but just take a deep breth then then talk to one of your family members and they might help you.


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