By My Side part 4

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The world is getting worse as each day progresses. The only thing getting better is your relationship with Alex!

Created by: Ardeo9999

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  1. Last time, I suggested the song Burning Out. Apparently, one of you voiced your appreciation for that beautiful song in the comments. This time, I am no longer compelling you to you tube a song. It's just a choice, an opportunity to listen to some awesome music while you read my story. So I will give you a song in each part, and if you want to listen to it, go right ahead, but if not, that's fine.
  2. The song for this part is called Live for Love by We Are Leo.
  3. Recap: You were keeping watch by Alex, who is sleeping. You have been collecting your thoughts about your present state, and also of Alex's love for you. When you know you cannot remain awake any longer, you bend over and gently shake Alex. "Alex," you whisper. "Alex, I have to sleep now. Switch time." Groggily, Alex rose from his slumber and reluctantly sat up. You decide to wait to lie down until Alex is more awake, so he does not fall back to sleep along with you. "Seems like I just went to sleep," Alex muttered. "Been several hours," you reply. "No sign of any people. Should we even call them people, as if they were sane," you mumble in disgust. "Then perhaps we should come up with a title for them?" Alex proposes, sounding more awake. "Sure, I guess," you respond. You both pause, thinking of possible names. "Um..." you break the silence after about twenty seconds of thinking. "Certainly!" Alex agrees. "No, I didn't-"Confused, you begin to stutter. You didn't mean to call them 'Ums.' How preposterous! "No really. It'll be fine. We'll call them Uhmns from now on," Alex said.
  4. "----, you get some rest now. You'll need as much as you can get." Alex stands up and walks closer to where you are sitting. He takes a seat next to your head and lifts your head and shoulders sideways across his crossed legs so that you are peacefully resting in them. 'That's a sweet gesture of him,' you think with a smile. "I'll warn you if anything comes," Alex whispers, and strokes your hair. It feels so good. You almost instantly fall asleep and drift off as peacefully as a baby.
  5. You wake up suddenly a bit later when your head thumps to the hard ground. "Ow," you cringe, rubbing your skull. Your eyes become adjusted to the dark night and you realize that Alex is fighting an Uhmn. "Alex!" you cry out. "I'll get a stick." You shuffle over by a tree and frantically snap off a branch. You run back over to Alex, who is fighting the wart-covered creature by chucking pebbles and rocks from the ground at him. You dash up to the Uhmn and wack it in the neck. The creature turns its attention to you as it gasps for breath. Once it is recovered, it gives a deep growl and lunges at your legs, which catches you off guard.
  6. Alex then jumps in the air and comes crashing down on the Uhmn's arms before it could grab you. The Uhmn screeched out in pain. "Thank you!" you hugged Alex tightly, and he hugged you back in his loving embrace. "Anything for you," he whispered. You then finish off the Uhmn by smacking it several times on the skull, then dragging it out to the stream nearby and dummping it in. It then drowned.
  7. The next morning, the sun rises and you gasp at its appearance. One-third of the sun has went completly black. An uncanny black. And as a result, the whole world is more dimly lit than it ever has been before. "The suns going out," you sigh to Alex. You feel drained of all your energy to keep persisting with life. "Once it goes out, we're goners." After you tell him, he only sighs himself and wraps his strong arms around your shoulder. Whimpering, you sniffle and he wipes away all your tears with his fingers. You bury your face in his chest and he holds you and doesn't let go.
  8. You two are sitting on the grass, eating some bread you found. You gaze up into the sky with teary eyes. The black portion of the sun has become a swirling black hole, and you watch as dozens of planets, stars, and meteorites are sucked into the hole's emptiness. You know that soon it will be your turn in there. "What did you say about heaven again?" you ask Alex timidly, as an unwanted tear slips down your unblemished cheek. "It's where I'm going to live forever when I die. With God. And I want you to be there too." Alex replies in a distant tone of voice. "How do you know," you say. "How do you know for sure you're going there." "Because I know through all the evidence of our world that it was designed by a Creator. I believe what God says about creation. And everything that's happening now- it's all in the Bible. God knew it was gonna happen. I believe that He created the universe. I know He knew what's happening now would happen since long ago. And so I believe He knows that when he says I'll go to heaven, I will."
  9. "How could I go there too," you say as you study the black hole forming rapidly above you. "I don't want to be separated from you forever." "It shouldn't be just me you're doing it for. It should be because you want to live with God forever as well. And when we get there, it'll be a gorgeous place with street of gold and gates of pearl. All you have to do is admit to God that you've done bad stuff in your life, and you want him to save you from it. You also have to tell Him you believe He died for you. He was nailed to a cross for all the bad things we've done. If you humble yourself, ----, to the Maker of the universe and everything you and I both know, you'll go to heaven." Alex looks you in the eye with a pleading look that's saying, 'I love you so much I don't want to see anything bad happen to you.' Suddenly, you lose control of your emotions and break out sobbing. You fall into Alex's arms, and he silences your crying with a soft kiss.
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