I Just Need You Here episode 7

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I feel really bad for taking a week to get this out. But you don't know how hectic my life is down here!!! It might be taking longer for me to make these from now on.

I made this one nice and long for everybody! Hope you enjoy... any suggestions, and I will definitly take them into consideration. Thank you for taking this quiz!

Created by: Ardeo9999

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  1. The grim reaper has caught up with you. Recap: the thugs are about to take your life! And if Nate doesn't get medical attention soon, he could die!
  2. "AUUGH!" you hear the deep groan of the thug behind you, then you hear him thump to the ground. Before you know it, they've all dropped dead. Startled, you turn around. All the officials and their men are unconcious on the forest floor. You gasp in surprise. Laying by each of them is a heavy rock, three times the size of your fist. Nathan makes an effort to look back as well. You walk up closer to them, surveying the seens. Where had the rocks come from?!
  3. You look up in the trees. Sure enough that blonde head is reflecting off the moonlight once more!!! "Matthew!" you call. "You saved us!" He climbed down from the tree. "Good thing I'm good at pitching in baseball," he smiled. You give him a hug, and Nate scowls. You sigh. "Nate, girls are just huggy people. It doesn't always mean that." "Sorry," he says. But his strength is fading fast. "He needs medical attention roght away," you telk Matt. "He's already lost a lot of blood." You pull off your sweater and wrap it around Nathan's arm. "Hurry," you tell Matt. Both of you go on one side of Nate so he can lean on you both, and you help him limp back towards a street so you can ask someone to call 911.
  4. You finally reach a road, and it is dawn already. You see a lone truck slowly driving down the gravel road, and you and Matt wave frantically for him to stop. The truck slows down to a stop, and the driver rolls down the window."Can I help you kids?" he said in an accent. "He needs medical attention fast!" Matt tells him. "Good Lord, well 'git on in the back of the truck!" You and Matt haul him in, and the man drives you to the hospital.
  5. Nathan is delivered to the hospital, while you and Matt sit in the waiting room. Matt squeezes your hand. "It'll be all right, ------, it'll be all right." You bend over and sob while leaning on his shoulder, and he puts his arm around you. After about fifteen minutes, the nurse comes into the waiting room.
  6. "He will have to stay here," the nurse informs you. " you sigh and stand up. "That man paid for your room.I'll get someone to take you to it." You gasp. "He paid for a room?!" The nurse nods. "Stay there," she says, and leaves. Soon an assistant comes back. He escorts you and Matt away to a small room with an adjoining room on it.
  7. You and Matt enter, thanking the assistant for escorting them. He said your welcome and left. You have nothing on you except for the will. You pull out the wrinkled envelope that Nathan had addresed to his dad with a stamp. You insert the will and look for a pad of paper in the room, get a pen, and scribble down a note: We belong with you. -Nathan and (your name)
  8. "We have to get this mailed right away," you tell Matt. "I'll run it down to the post office. It's just across the street." Matt said, then took the envelope and left. You walk over to the miniature fridge and open it up. Inside, it is stocked full of bottles of juice, water, and milk. Also, there is a pot pie casserole, three apples, and a tub of macaroni and cheese. Your eyes bug out. You open up the nightable drawer to find three twenty dollar bills, and a note. It reads: this is for you three kids. Enjoy.
  9. You scrutinize the note. How could this be? Why would this man do all this? Why did he care? Was he just being nice? You take the money and put them in your jean pockets for safekeeping. At least you have something to live on now. You and Nate lost all you had with you, and didn't succeed in getting anymore food. So where will you go after Nathan is well? Will Matt become your new tag along? Will Nate's dad even get the letter?
  10. Just then, Matt comes back in. "Delivered," he said. "Thanks," you smile at him, and he gives you a grin back. Slumping down on the couch, you retrieve the money from your pocket. "The guy left us money," you say. "And there's food in the fridge. I wonder why he did all this. It strikes me it isn't out of plain generosity." Matt sits next to you. "Well, just accept the stuff and be thankful," he replies, and moves a little closer.
  11. You blush. "Matt, me and Nate are together." you say sweetly, trying to gently remind him how things are. "I know," he responds. "But I still can't get off you." He takes you in his arms. "Remember all the things we wanted? All our dreams and ambitions…" "Yes," you say. "But we were always meant to say goodbye. I want you to know that it's different now. You're incredibly hot, Matt, and I can't help it, but I don't feel for you like you do me. I'm sorry. It would never work."
  12. "Nathan's not here," Matt says. "He'd never know." "I can't go behind his back and betray him." you reply. Tempting. Matt pulls you onto his lap and puts his arms around you."I'll always love you, ------," he whispers in your ear softly, squeezing your waist. "Even if you don't love me back, I'll always be there to protect you." He gets up, and you lay down on the couch.
  13. Matthew sits by you and puts his hands on your sides. Slowly, he moves his hands up until they are up too high.... "Matt, I'm sorry, but I can't let you do this," you say, and remove his hands. Downcast, Matt helps you up and he takes your hand. "I'm so sorry, -----, but your beautiful." "Thank you. Let's have lunch, I'm starving." You walk away to the fridge and pull out the macaroni. You find some paper plates and plastic utensils and, after microwaving the food, you dish some onto each plate.
  14. You and Matt eat together at a small table against a wall with two plush benches on either side. They are just long enough to squeeze in four people. As you eat in the booth, neither of you say anything, but are both caught up in your own thoughts.
  15. That night, Matt goes into his own room adjacent to yours so he can sleep. It would be unproper for you to be in the same one!!! The next morning, there is a knock on your door...

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