How do I make him notice me?

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Thread Topic: How do I make him notice me?

  • mynameislily Newbie
    Hey everyone,

    There's this boy in my D&T class. I've liked him since the first day of high school. The problem is we're only in one class together and he always sits at the far back corner.

    I've caught him staring at me. In the auditorium he looks at me, I pretend not to notice, so he looks away, I look at him, he checks to see if I'm looking, quickly looks away. I've also caught him staring at me when me and my best friends are on the playground for recess or lunch.

    Other than that, he doesn't talk to me any further. I really like him. All I can think about is him. I denied liking him at first but now I realize how much I like him. How do I get him to notice me?

    Help! Thank you.
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    sweet Junior
    Talk to him that's the first thing.Now go do it.First thing First!
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    CherryBombRiots Advanced
    Talk to him. A lot of guys are too shy to make the first move, so just talk to him and get to know him. What do you have to lose?
  • Sit with him at lunch, become friends. I like a boy I have known since KINDERGARTEN. We have alot of classes together, and we always chat... try to become friends first.
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    Nialler34 Novice
    Walk by him sometime with a friend and say hi casually, I do that all the time with my crush. But we're already good friends so it's nothing.
    But just take my advice.
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    rockstar98 Junior
    Dress like a slut and be very very easy.
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    Ardeo9999 Experienced
    if words come easier to you on paper, then write him a note... i did that with my crush and he acts like we are bffs now but ive known him already for two years. i suggest getting to the acquaintance stage. take it slow, dont freak him out or scare him. if you are too shy to say hi then make sure to make eye contact, and smile! i have been patient with my crush for a whole two years and i have just gotten to the official friend stage so dont expect everything to happen right away. According to scientific research, making eye contact just a little longer than normal and doing this frequently can pschocologically trick ppl into thinking they like you ( i found this on this site called 2KnowMyself.) Then someday maybe you can get eachothers # after u know eachother better :)

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