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  • So bored...
    "(I have to go. My mom wants me to walk the dogs... AGAIN. She never does it anymore. *groans*) "Hey Fire," He said, sitting down next"
  • So bored...
    "I glanced at my schedule once again, it was a new one, Chiron changed them up. Hmm... a free period! I hoped I'd see Percy. And sure enough,..."
  • "I NEED MORE PEOPLE!! Ask your friends to visit this thread xP I need at LEAST 10 people for it."
  • This is f***ed up.
    "My parents would never cuss at me! Or slap me. That is just messed up."
  • "Thanks! I do too"
  • "Both, on it. Ok Eldins, I have some more stuff I'll put."
  • G'bye.
    "Bye! Also, on my quiz, do you want your real name, username, or both on there?"
  • Which is better?
    "Oh, that's tough!! I love both, but I have to say... Romance. ;)"
  • "'Tis fine. Also, Eldins, is there anything you want to be recognized for in the quiz?"
  • So bored...
    "I shot a few more targets, then headed back up to Cabin 1. On my way, I noticed Liz and Leo talking. I smiled and winked at Liz, who I knew ..."
  • "Nikki- I answered on other thread Matt- OK. I meant user, but whatevs. Do you want name, or user or both?"
  • Decide your faint game
    "xP Dies of pure awesomeness. (Hey guys, check my thread about the shout out quiz.)"
  • "Oh, I'm Azura."
  • "xD Unfortunately, his hands burst into flames. (like another person I know. Again, Liz understands. ;)"
  • "I know I'm knew, but already I've met some awesome people. So far on the list are: -EldinsAwesomeGF -sweetbunny480"

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