Why can't everyone just except each others religions!

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Thread Topic: Why can't everyone just except each others religions!

  • Likeaboss Novice
    I am a Christain, yet one of my friends are Muslim, actually, a couple of them are... My BEST FRIEND is athiest.
    Just because they are a certain religion or don't believe in anything, it doesn't mean that they're bad. So what they think the world was made in a different way than you did, it doesn't make them a horrible person, it just shows they don't belive the same thing as you.

    Take this for example: Is the cup half empty or half full? I say half empty. Others say half full, yet do I cuss them out and tell them that their beliefs are false. NO! I respect that they think it is half full. Yea, I think it's half empty, which means I hang out with more people who think it's half empty instead of half full...

    Okay, I got sidetracked. Onto my original ranting... Just because they follow something you don't believe in doesn't mean the person is stupid. -.- The stupid people are the ones that judge others religions. Yes, I understand, there are horrible Christains, and I don't have any respect for them. People get my respect by being nice and not commiting crimes, not for being the same religion.

    Hate me for this thread if you want, but just know if you're not a Christain, I reapected you up until you decided to hate me for making peace within some pieces of the world. If you agree, thanks.
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    DaughterOfApollo Experienced
    Yes, finally, someone gets it. I don't see why people have to bash on other people because of their beliefs. I have 2 best friends and one is Catholic (like me) and the other is an atheist. And actually, me and my best friend that is an atheist, get along better than me and my friend that is a Catholic.
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    Ardeo9999 Junior
    I'm a christian and I hate it when people hate other ppl just because they have different views. i believe its better to find common ground with somebody of a different religion, then sorta share your views. but there is still and always absolute truth. everybody cant hve different things true for them and not true for others- we all just have to find whats really right. not what makes us feel good, but whats absolutley true.
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    Science! (Oh no I think I just started a fight...... sorry LAB)
  • I agree LAB (lol, likeaboss spells lab... Sorry, side track xD). We should just accept each others religion. My 2nd cousin on my dad side is Muslim, Buddhism is my best friends religion, a close friend of mine is Catholic, and i'm Christain. I listen to the other religions cause I can learn about other peoples customs or traditions and not judge them. Whatever religion they are doesn't mean they are 'evil'. It actually depends on the person.
  • chrissybieber Novice
    Most of my friends at school are Catholics, and I`m a Protestant Christian, so I tolerate with them every single day. Also, I go to a Catholic School, so I also have to deal with Religion Lessons and Bible Studies. And I live a near a Muslim college. So I guess I`m used to it all.
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    Hikaru Katsu Advanced
    It's accept not except.
  • Likeaboss Novice
    Thanks for the support. And oh yes, I mean accept not except xD Sorry I was just in a ranting mode and didnt care. Skw, you didn't start a fight. You jut said what you believe, which I respect 100%
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    barberbob2 Advanced
    I don't trust any theist. Mainly because of the HUGE FUCKING HISTORY OF EVIL.

    I have theistic friends, and yes, my closest friends are Christian. I am also good friends with a Buddhist, and I'm dating an ex-Satanist (don't know what she is now).

    But with the history of any organized religion, the second any of these people show any signs that they aren't thinking for themselves and are taking commands from a book or the political leaders of their faith, I will cut them off. I will not tolerate ignorance, and especially a metaphorical retard with a history of violence.

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