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  • "Harry just gelled (sp?) his hair. He didn't cut is hair! :D"
  • I don't understand...
    "Someone who is disrespectful will not earn the respect from other people Someone who is rasict to someone's religion says a lot about"
  • "agree, let all the threads die (I'm still a huge fan, I just really hate the fighting and the useless hate)"
  • "Agree :D"
  • "I had a dream when I met 1D as their younger selves (about my age... They were so cute/hot!) and we started hanging out... Except it was onl..."
  • "1.Singer, 2.Author, 3.actress, 4.Artist, 5.Teacher"
  • Favorite Disney songs? :D
    "Chemicals React by Ally and Aj! I love that song!"
  • f--- this site
    "So, you're just going around GotoQuiz (or stay here) saying people here are stupid enough to get rapped? Wow. I've met kindergarteners smart..."
  • f--- this site
    "Wait, er, I leave? Sorry, I just really don't know Xavier... I just dislike trolls. Especially I they say they're someone they're not."
  • f--- this site
    "Guys, it's just a troll -.- These kinds if trolls are idiots with no life. Kay? (if this is actually Xavier... Sorry dude who doesn't"
  • "JITW, I know you are Christian, but you are going overboard. This is rediculous. It's extremely rude to say someone's religion is fake. Thin..."
  • Everyone, go hate on Triz
    "whoa, I just read the whole thread... What a horrible person. Tell Gracie that she deserves much better than that douche. Kay, bye! :)"
  • Metal Gear Solid?
    "Uh, Peace Walker I think."
  • "b----, I ain't gonna try and back fire cause this ain't gonna prove anything. We're just gonna start s---. Kay? Bye."
  • "I get life okay? But my life has been s--- ever since I was a kid. Now shut up, little girls."

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