~A Niall Horan Love Story Chp. 2~ One Direction!

Why, hello! :) Welcome to chapter two! And yeah, the reason why I stopped so early while writing this is because ya know, I'm tired. Which means I'm lazy! :P

Heehee... Chapter 3 will probably be out in a couple days, or maybe even weeks! But I promise it'll be out sooner than a month! Yes! Go on! And read the story!

Created by: IceySwirl

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  1. (This is what happened in Chp. 1) You both hear a voice and see... Niall! Yeah, Niall freakin' Horan! "Hi, I saw the guard shouting at you two. But anyways, what are your names?" he asks with his sparkly blue eyes. "I'm Alyssa." Alyssa says. But you couldn't say anything. Niall was your favorite 1D member. Which made you a bit of a 'fan girl'. "___!" Alyssa whispered shouts. You snapped out of it and finally said, "___." Niall smiled. "Nice name." "Thank you." you said trying not to blush.
  2. "Well, I need to go do some more autographs. Nice meeting you two." he smiles and walks away but he looked behind himself. Guess what he done? WINK AT YOU! You started to blush. "OH MY GOD! HE JUST WINKED AT YOU!" Alyssa says. "I KNOW!" you smiled. "YOU ARE SO LUCKY! But I want Harry to wink, smile, and talk to me." Alyssa says kinda pouting. "Look, he might... If Niall tells him to come over here and meet us." you say. 'Wait, I wonder if Niall actually does tell the guys! They'll feel bad, maybe...' you thought.
  3. Your thought actually came alive! You saw Zayn and Harry both walking towards you guys. "OHHHHHHHHHHH SHIIIZZ! HARRY... HE'S COMING TOWARDS US!" Alyssa whisper shouted to me. "Yeah, I know! Try not to act stupid, okay?" I whispered back. "Kay!" she says. Zayn came over first and greeted us with a smile but then left. Harry greeted me with a smile, but greeted Alyssa with a smile, and a wink! And then left. Alyssa screamed which made them jump a little as they walk away.
  4. She laughed. But the guard came up to both of you and said, "You can come back in. The guys seem to want to talk to you." you both were surprised! Ya both walked in and you said, "Well, the guard said you needed us. So yeah..." "Yeah. Well, we're having a contest to see who'll get to stay at our house for 1 month." Liam explained. (1 month, yeah I know long right! Which means more time with them! ;D) Niall continued, "And I thought of you. I mean... You two." "Looks like our little Niall has a crush!" Louis mumbled laughingly.
  5. ***Your P.O.V*** Wait... When Louis said he had a crush... Was it me? Or was it Alyssa? No, it couldn't be get. He winked at me! OH MY GOD! HE DOES!
  6. Niall blushed quite a bit. "Anyway, you guys wanna come?" Zayn asks. "OF COURSE! YEAH! WE'LL GO!" Alyssa shouts happily. You nodded your head. Yay! We're going to their houses! With them! WEEHOO!
  7. Yeah, sorry. It's 5:00 in the morning over here and I'm quite tired. But I promise Chp. 3 we'll be longer!
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