Love is in One Direction part 5

PLEASE PLEASE READ READ ME!! (Hahaha McFly reference). I've been suffering from major writers block so I apologize if this isn't the greatest part in the world. I dedicate this to my know who you are.

So basically, Liam, Zayn and Louis had a diva moment and left you on the beach with Niall and Harry. There's lots of characters in this part so sorry if it gets kinda confusing... (NOTE: If you're looking for parts 1-4, just click the blue bagels below! )

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  1. You slide your back down the giant rock and push all the hair out of your face. You tilt your head to the side and rest it on the shoulder beside you. You look up abruptly and see Niall sitting beside you eating a sandwhich. "You okay?" he asks with his mouth full. You shrug you shoulders and tilt you head back onto him. "She's always been like this. Ever since we were younger, she's had plenty of guys fall for her. But if she falls for someone else, she'll be determined to be with them no matter how many hearts she has to break." Niall quietly grabs your hand and runs his hand across yours with his free hand. He brings his hand to your chin and lifts it slightly.
  2. He looks at you with those sparkling blue eyes. "Don't worry about her. Right now it's just you and me." With a swift motion, he kisses your nose. You turn away an sand up. "Sorry,'s too soon..." you turn away from him. You hear him stand. "Too soon for what exactly? Is there someone else?" he tries to take your hand but you pull away quickly. "Whats going on here?" You hear Harry say.
  3. You turn around and shrug. You notice Niall looking particularly uncomfortable. "Hey, let's clean up. It seems like Louis and Zayn ditched us." You nod slowly and walk away from them. Niall quickly catches up to you and silently follows your trail. When you reach the spot, you begin folding the blankets. "Here, let me help you with that." Harry grabs the other end of the blanket. And fold it in unison. You join your ends together and you feel his chest against yours. You say like that for a while and and you feel Niall's eyes burn in your back.
  4. "You guys need help?" you hear behind you. All three of you turn around and see two discouragingly hot girls standing there. You feel the boys tense up and Niall says, "Sure if you want to." The girl with light brown hair and brown eyes giggles at his accent. She grabs onto his arm and says, "Niall! You remember me, right? It's Sydney!" They stumble to the volleyball net to "clean it up". The other girl blinks at Harry. She runs her hand down his arm and says, "Wow,'ve gotten...bigger." She bites her lip and give you a subtle smile you barely notice it. "Oh you really think so, Brenna? It hasn't been that long!" They laugh and walk off leaving you alone to clean.
  5. After you've cleaned everyone's mess, Niall and that Sydney chick come back with the volleyball net messily put away. "You didn't tell me that you were coming back this year!" Niall says poking her belly. She laughs "Hahahaha! I wanted to surprise you!" Niall looks away from her and acknowledges you for the first time in 45 minutes. "Yeah...I was defiantly surprised." He notices the cleanliness and says, "Wow, you cleaned up all by yourself? Sydney, I'd like you to meet the royal pain in my butt, _____."
  6. She tilts her head to the side gives you a quick fake smile. You watch Niall try to shrug Sydney off. You cross your arms and say, "So how do you know each other?" you try to hide the tenseness in your voice and push hair out of your face. Harry and Brenna show up and she says," Oh we've known each other for several years. We always meet up but they told us we wernt going to see each other this year." You purse your lips and nod slowly.
  7. "So," Sydney chirps up, "where's the other 3 boys?" Brenna's eyes gleam, "Oh yeah! Beth, Vicky and Rachel would die if they didn't see them!!" You mentally drop your mouth. 'Crap, there's more of them.' you think. "Their probably back at the house," you say quietly. Harry smiles at you quickly and your stomach flutters. "You ladies go grab the other 3 and we'll meet you back at the house." Harry releases himself and swiftly grabs you hand. When your a good distance apart, he pulls your ear to his lips. "Sorry about that," he whispers, "we'll explain them later."
  8. When you reach the house, you find Zayn laying on the couch with piles of chips around him. Niall yells at him to wake up. "HEY! I'm pretty sure your don't want Beth seeing you like this?" His body springs up and chips go flying. "What?! Beth? What is she doing here?" Niall waves you and Harry off and he continues to get Zayn off the couch. "I'll find Louis,  he's probably playing piano downstairs. You go get Liam. Look for him outside." You nod and Harry yells down the stairs,"HEY GUESS WHAT. RACHEL'S ON HER WAY HERE." You hear Louis yell and it begins to fade as you walk onto the back porch. Yelling is replaced by singing. He stops when you step onto a loose floorboard. "Lemme guess, Victoria's here..." he says turning around. He scoffs and walks over to the bench press. "You know, I talked to Zayn and Louis when they got here, they told me-"
  9. "They told me-" Niall bursts onto the back porch. "THEY'RE HERE!!" he yells. Liam brings his face close to yours and says, "No matter how much history I have with Vicky, I want to have a future with you." He kisses your forehead, gets up, throws his shirt aside and welcomes the girls with open arms.
  10. You walk into the house to find 5 girls oogling over your boys. "OMG!" a girl with curly brown hair squeals. "You are TOO CUUTEE!! You', right?" Your eyes widen. You shake you head and say, "What the hell are you talking about. I'm a girl," you say rolling your eyes. You hear Louis snort and he quickly grabs dumb-chick's waist. "This is _______, Rachel. I don't know where you got Kevin from..."
  11. "It's probably the nose," you faintly hear behind Rachel. Cracking laughter fills the house. Liam quickly walks to her and holds her mouth shut. "," he says. She pushes her caramel colored hair away from her face and storms out of the house. "W-T-H, Liam?!" Sydney yells and follows Vicky out with Brenna following.
  12. With the house abnormally quiet, you notice one last girl sitting on the couch. Her soft whimpering catches Rachel's attention. Crying girl suddenly yells, "WHERE THE HELL IS ZAYN?!" Soon after her sobbing, she gets up and shoves you. “Where are you hiding him? I know that look. He stared right into your eyes and made you feel special. He kissed you didn’t he?” You feel the atmosphere in the room tense up. Speechless, you back up of her. Her eyes well up and she charges out of the house.
  13. The remaining girl is Rachel. Remaining in her spot, she stares at you with envy. “What? You gonna freak out at me too?” you tell her. She slowly shakes her head and says, “I’m sorry about them. I guess Brenna and Sydney made it seem like the guys were into us again.” She gets up, straightens her skirt and begins to walk out. Niall, Liam and Harry begin to spread around the house. You decide to grab a snack and head for the kitchen.
  14. “Wait, Rachel,” you hear faintly. “Don’t go.” You peak back at the door to find Louis holding Rachel against himself. You try not to bring any attention to yourself and listen in. “I’ve tried to find another girl, but they’re all the same. Either they never really loved me or they used me to get to the guys. You’re the only one who-” She cuts him off by pulling away from him. “Louis, there are so many things I want to say to you. So many things I want to do with you...” Moves closer and closer to him.
  15. You feel a tap on your shoulder and turn around. Standing there is Zayn with bunches of flowers in his hand. He opens his mouth to say something but you press your fingers to his lips. “Shut up,” you shout-whisper, “I’m spying on Louis and Rachel.” He laughs and holds the flowers out to you, “Here, they’re for you.” You shake your head and panic, “I c-c-can’t take them-m...I’m al-al-allerg-ah-CHOO!!!!” Zayn hold you close and covers your mouth. “Hey, what was that?” you hear Louis say. They run into the kitchen and find Zayn holding your body against his and you holding onto the back of his neck. Rachel freaks, “So there IS something going on between you two!” She runs out not letting Louis catch up to her. “Wow guys, thanks a lot,” Louis says running after her.
  16. Alright! Thanks for finishing this quiz. Sorry if it wasn't worth the wait or if it was too long. I have writers block guys!! I need your help. I need ideas on what do to for the next parts!! If I use your idea, you wil defiantly give you credit! Drop a suggestion in the comments

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