Need advice?Come to me:)

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Thread Topic: Need advice?Come to me:)

  • Cupcake- Well, I would just start a conversation with him and then try to throw it into the conversation.And just tell him you have feelings for him, don't say I love you just say I have strong feelings for you.Good Luck!
  • cupcake908 Novice
    plz help
  • Well, I would just start a conversation with him and then try to throw it into the conversation.And just tell him you have feelings for him, don't say I love you just say I have strong feelings for you.Good Luck!
  • Likeaboss Novice
    Did you read rainicorns thread? It's in recent posts... She updates it everyday too. :P that's my cousin so I should know
  • For Rainbow,This is also on your offbeat thread:
    Sorry I haven't answered you back but you wrote a lot!lol. And I have been so busy. So anyways back on topic. I think he totally likes you, if he was talking to his friend about you and kept looking at you that most likely means he likes you. So, I would just keep doing what you do and don't try to push him because that might push him away if he feels like you are being pushy or pressuring him. I hope I can help and you can ask me for advice about him everyday if you need to.
  • Sorry I meant for Rainicorn!
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    DaughterOfApollo Advanced
    Well, I was at a soccer game today and I was sitting by myself because I like sitting by myself. And then my crush, his name is Tyler, comes up the bleachers and says "You know, you look really retarded sitting by yourself." and I said, "Haha, thanks." and then he comes up and sits next to me and says, "There. Now you don't look retarded." and then we had like a conversation. And then wen I was like half time, he said, "Why don't you come over there with me and talk to my friends?" and I said, "Uh, no thanks." and he said, "Come on, you need to socialize." and I said, "But I don't like meeting new people." and he said, "Well, you're going to meet new people." and then he grabs my arm and pulls me up and then we both walked over towards his friends, which I knew. :P.

    And we've also been talking a lot lately. Does this mean anything? Or does he just wanna be friends?
  • Well, that's kinda hard because people who just are being nice do that and people who like that person do that. But it seems like he might like you, try to talk to him more and see if you can give me more information so I can tell for sure if he likes you more than a friend.
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    SecretLie5 Novice
    Well I like this boy at school and when I first met him I think I made a bad first impression what can I do to fix it?
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    DaughterOfApollo Advanced
    Okay, I didn't have any time to talk to him today. But today in Health, I saw him looking at me. Well.... More like glancing. I saw it out of the corner of my eye.
  • SecretLie5- Well, try to talk to him and smile. Show him that you are you fun and nice person to be around. Tell him about yourself and ask him about himself.
  • Need any advice? Just ask.
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    ange Novice
    I liked this guy ever since going on camp with him, along with the rest of the youth groups at church. For the duration at camp I caught him staring on numerous occassions and he'd then give me THE smile. He acted as though he liked me but I'm really bad at knowing what a guy is thinking. They do have....lets just say different brains to girls and do not express their feeling.

    But last week one of my guy friends said my crush liked another girl. Apparently he does everything she says and listens intently always. He sounds really obsessed.

    A couple of days ago one of my girlfriends asked my crush who he liked and this brought him to suspician. Like any annoying guy he asked many annoying questions and refused to give a straight answer. He finally guessed my name but my friend didn't say it was me. But he knew. He told her to give me his number so we could talk and that maybe he'd develop feelings for me. But I'm over him now and am not going to dream of being with someone I can't have. Clearly he's not interested afterall and I was hallucinating.

    But I wasn't. I saw the way he looked at me. I'm so confused of what to do. Should I just let it slide? I'm terrribele at talking to guys and get all tongue twisted if I develop feelings for them. If I'm just friends I get on really well with them though.

    Please help and thankyou for your time.

    Ange x

    Ps. Nathan, do not tell everyone about this. I know you read through my recent threads and are a bit of a weird stalker but please let it be.
  • Ange- well, I have been in the same situation. And what I did was I talked to him and really got to know him...and I talked to his friends because some were also my friends boyfriends. So I would just talk to him(don't ask him if he likes you) just start up a conversation. And by what he has done he might or probably likes you so do not give up on him. Good Luck! I hope I could help...if you need more help, just ask$
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    Ardeo9999 Junior
    ok so theres this guy i met 2 yrs ago when our family went to his house for dinner, my younger sister (by 2 yrs) and his sis older than him (by 1 yr) sister got to know eachother now theyre gr8 friends. and my youngest sister and his little sister play together. so we hung out and got along very well, we very soon discovered our fav movie is star wars and he does not get a lot of attention fr ppl so his sis said when i listened to him talk about SW he liked that alot. So we were good friends. They came to our house in a few months and everyone had a blast. That was the day his older sister (who is my younger sisters same age) told me he had a crush on me and then i fell for him. So for two years I have liked him, but i only see him maybe twice a week, and we both have an iPod so we text but now he never answers and idk if he likes me or not, there is so much more to the story though!

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