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  • High School Love Story~Part 1~
    [published: Aug 12, 2012]

    High School Love Story~Part 1~ has four hot guys!!!I bet you will love it so take it and…

  • Are You Like Me?
    [published: Jul 28, 2012]

    Are you like me at all? Well...take my quiz and find out if we could ever be friends or if not...well take my…

  • How Much Do You Know About Josh Hutcherson?
    [published: Jul 28, 2012]

    There are many awesome actresses but here's one that stands out, Josh Hutcherson!!!…

  • The Selena Gomez Quiz
    [published: Jul 25, 2012]

    The Selena Gomez Quiz!!!Take this quiz to find out how much you know about Selena Gomez. The Selena Gomez…

  • Could u be a werewolf?
    [published: Jul 23, 2012]

    Do you like werewolves or wolves? Well, take this quiz to find out if you are a werewolf or not. See if…

  • Is Jacob Black the right guy for you?
    [published: Jul 22, 2012]

    The Twilight Saga is a big thing for a lot of people. There is a team Jacob, and a team…

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