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This is a one direction love story! Its fun to dream! Will you fall in love with Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, or Zayn? Let's see! Also I was very tired when I made this so its not really the best. Sorry if I don't include enough Liam and Zayn ill try to have more of them. If I get enough people wanting part 2 I think I will make one around this time next week.

This is a one direction love story! Its fun to dream! Will you fall in love with Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, or Zayn? Let's see! Also I was very tired when I made this so its not really the best. Sorry if I don't include enough Liam and Zayn ill try to have more of them. If I get enough people wanting part 2 I think I will make one around this time next week!

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  1. You get up on January 4th at 6:30. Your alarm clock is buzzing but no matter how much you want to, you can't press snooze. Your already waking up late enough alread and its the first day back from winter break so you have to look your best. You look out your window and you find some snow. You brush your thick, wavy, dark hair. You put on some new skinny jeans you got for christmas, some new uggs, and a cute long sleeve red v-neck. You walk into the bathroom and quickly french braid your hair. You put on your makeup. "Makayla hurry up the bus comes in 15 minutes" your mom yells from downstairs "Okay I know" You finish up and go downstairs. You pour a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. When your done you walk out of the door. You walk up 5 houses to the bus stop. The falling snow is melting in your hair. The bus comes and you get on. Okay so how you liking this so far???? It will get interesting soon.
  2. You sit down next to your best friend Peyton. "Heyyy" Peyton says "heyyyy" you guys talk for a while until you get to school. When you walk in the school you see your other friends Grace and Hailey. You haven't seen them all summer. "Heyyyyyy" you scream out. "Heyyyyyy" you start walking to homeroom until your princible, Mr. Ogelsbe (pronounced o-guls-bee) walks up to you guys. "Hey Juicy Jay" you say. Juicy Jay is his nickname that he hates but doesn't care. He's not really a princible, more like a best friend. "Grace, Hailey, Peyton, Makayla just the people I wanted to see, well actually Grace Hailey and Peyton more than Marrow over here" "okay is this about slipping notes into Kevins locker again? Like I told you already its not much its just that there's this guy named Alex who loves Kevin but he moved to Colorado what are we supposed to do?" We all laughed knowing it was the best prank ever! "Haha funny nope. There's 5 guys starting here at Rockwood Summit and you guys, as my trusty, wait a minute why did I say that? Not so trusty falcon flyers have to show them around. 4 of them are from England and the other is from Ireland"
  3. "Ok" you guys all say. Then Juicy Jay brings you guys to the office. You see 5 totally hot guys. The blonde one smiles at you. You smile back. You hear the one with curly hair wisper to his friend "well I think I like this school!" And he points to you. Then his friend with the brown hair that's swept to the side says "no dip dude, girls at this school are hot!". You overhear the conversation and you can't help but blush. Then you realize that these guys are ONE DIRECTION!
  4. Once you realize the 5 guys you supposed to show around school is one direction your speechless. You don't wanna say anything stupid. Hailey, who isn't much of a fan realizes how I feel and says "I'm Hailey and this is Grace, Peyton, and Makayla were supposed to show you guys around school. Its not confusing at all. Its big and all but the acedemic tower is basically just a square. The rest is pretty easy to figure out, just the non acedemic part, the cafeteria, stage, theatre, pool, upper gym, lower gym, and spirit shop. I figured that out in 1st grade." "Ok sounds confusing enough. I'm Zayn and these are my buddies Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall" "nice to meet you!" You say. You show them around to all of their classes. You guys all sit together at lunch. "So where do you guys live?" "Umm I live in the city" Zayn says and smiles at you. "I live in San Louis Hills, the neighborhood right across from school" Louis says. "Oh wow that amazing! Me and Peyton live in remington oaks which is really close." "Well I look foward to seeing you guys around then, maybe we can hang out sometine" "that would be awesome maybe we can afterschool" "yeah that sounds amazing" "uhh guys I didn't share where I live yet, I live in Avalon Hills" Niall says. "Harry and Me both live in Greenmar" Liam says. "Wow San Louis Hills, Remington Oaks, and Greenmar are so close!" Lunch is over and soon the rest of the day went by.
  5. Harry, Liam, and Louis get to your house at 3, right when they said they would. "Hey" you say. They walk in. "Okay so parents are home!" You say excited. "Amazing!" You guys go upstairs to your loft. Its not really your loft at all. When your 4 brothers get home from elementary school in an hour its their play room. You run downstairs to get a snack. You get some brownies and hot chocolate. When you get back up to the loft you notice Louis and Harry are fighting. "I really think I like Makayla" Harry says "uhh dude I think I like her more. Do you even know her last name?" Louis says. "Nope but that doesn't matter" "whatever its Marrow". Then Liam buts in "why don't you both just ask her out and see who she picks? Besides I think she will like me more" "no way Liam I think she's in love with me" Zayn says. You see Niall sitting there looking really sad. He knew the other guys wouldn't let him have you. When they realize they were saying all of that in front of you they quickly hushed and Niall said "hey Makayla" "hey Niall" you smile at him. You sit down on your favorite chair. You pass out the hot chocolate and brownies.
  6. After you eat Zayn says "let's go for a walk" "ok" you say. Before you guys leave Niall says "hey Makayla can I talk to you" "sure" you walk up to your room and close the door. You lay down on your bed. "So what's up?" You ask him. There was about a minute of silence until Niall says "from the moment I met you, everything changed, I knew I had to get you whatever the pain" you knew that was just a line from one of their songs but it was still the sweetest thing a guy has ever said to you. He gave you a soft kiss. You kissed him back. You put your hair on his shoulder and hugged him. Then the door flew open and it was Harry. His jaw dropped. "What are you two doing were ready for the walk." Aggrivated you got up and you guys headed out the door. It was really cold outside. The snow was messing up my hair so much so I toke it out of the french braid. You combed through it with your fingers. Then, Louis came over and held your hand. His hand was so warm. Then he picked up some snow in his hand and threw it at Harry. Harry turned around and we were cracking up. Then he walked over to you and wispered in your ear "I think I love you" and kisses you. You see Niall and he looks really hurt. Then you see Louis and he smiles but you can tell he's only faking it. Then you see Zayn and he's just staring at the ground looking so sad. Then you see Liam looking so jealous but then you see harry smiling at you, and his eyes staring right into yours. You don't know who to pick.
  7. Ok so that's the end of part one! Its 12:30 at night right now and I'm getting really tired. I hope you liked it. If I get enough comments saying you want part 2 then I believe I will make one about next week. Did you like it?
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