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Thread Topic: Need advice?Come to me:)

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    Ardeo9999 Junior
    we face timed once but it was extremly awkward, because neither one of us were saying anything... and my parents dont know i text him so i was trying to keep his calls secret but thats very difficult in my house, my dads home office is the room next to mine and he's in it a lot. so i did it in our GRG, he was really wondering why i was in there. I have a few missed calls from him from months ago, and now he never really talked to me over the summer. we were both away alot i understand, but im hoping that maybe our families can get together again soon to restore our friendship that has so quickly deteriorated...
    i feel like im pushing him away by chasing him. and when he does speak to me, i go all red and cant think of one thing to say or how to even just act normal but its so not working... help!
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    Ardeo9999 Junior
    (see i was trying to keep it a secret but my sister and all my friends know, but for so long ive told my parents romance is gross but then when i did start liking him i knew id be incessantly teased about boyz forever, since im not allowed to date for a few more years and neither is he.)
  • Ardeo9999, Well I would just try to talk to him. If you get nervous and don't know what to say just try to say how have you been.then try to end up talking to him a lot and hanging out with him. Hope I could help.
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    Sports19 Novice
    Could you go onto my thread 'Please help me...' and read the whole thing and help me with those things? Please?
  • If you need help, just ask, don't be afraid to ask.
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    how do you get over a boy who doesnt even like you anymore because hes moved on to someone way more talented, prettier, smarter and did i mention prettier?
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    I've been in the same situation actually i'm in that situation...Just try to be friends with him and try to find a new crush or boyfriend.

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