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Hey guys! I know it has been like, a millenium since I have made a quiz, but yeah, the regular homewordk has been keeping me from my duty to get this out lately!

So I really hope you've enjoyed this. Check out part 1 if you have'nt, and if you like this series, I have a ton of other series that you might like too! (actually, not a ton, only like, 2 other ones lol.)

Created by: Ardeo9999

  1. Recap: Something is under your bed! Scared, you crawl out of bed and peer under your bed to see a dark form squashed between the floor and the bed frame. "Aelik?" you ask in confusion.
  2. The dark form sighs, and struggles to move out from under you bed. Quiet grunts and moans come from him. "What are you doing in here?!" you exclaim, trying to keep your low. Panting, Aelik sits cross-legged by you. "Come with me," he whispers. "What?" you reply. "Come, ----. Please." You pause and think. You don't want to disappoint Aelik, but you have no idea what he plans on doing. Yet you really want to go wherever he wants to take you to. "All right," you sigh. "Where are we going?" you inquire. "Just follow me," he tells you, and begins to climb out your window and onto the nearby maple tree. From the tree, he reaches out his hand for you to take. "Here. I'll help you out," he offers, and you shakily take his strong hand and raise your foot onto the window sill. Soon enough, Aelik has helped you into the tree. "What are we doing?!!!" you say, concerned. "I'll climb down first, then help you." Your bedroom was on the second floor, so you are up fairly high in the tree. Aelik expertly swings down like he's done it a billion times (which, you think to yourself, he probably has,) and you slowly follow after him. You were almost at the bottom when your foot slipped off the branch. "Aelik!" you yelped, but he caught you in his arms right away. Blushing, you thanked him as he lowered you to the ground so you could stand up.
  3. You slide your hands down his arms, then you feel your feet meet with the grass. As your hand slips gracefully down his chest as he lowers you,you realize Aelik is staring at you, and you lock your gaze with his. Nervous, Aelik breaks the eye contact after a few seconds and turns around. "This way," he says, and heads into the forest in your backyard.
  4. You follow Aelik into the dark, thick forest. "I can't see good," you say. Only a bit of silver moonlight filters down from the canopy of trees above. "Take my hand," Aelik tells you. 'He wants to hold my hand!' you think. You feel around for Aelik's hand. His hand brushes against yours, and you clutch it tight. You feel pulses of love eminating from your friend, and feel as if a deeper connection has been established just by breaking the touch barrier.
  5. After walking for several minutes, Aelik finally stops and sits down. Leaning against a tree, and still holding your hand, he tugs for you to sit next to him. Shivering, you sit close to Aelik. "I should've brought a sweater with me," your teeth chattered. "I'll be your sweater," Aelik quietly said. 'He's so romantic,' you think, and snuggle closer to Aelik as he wraps his arms around you. "Now what'd you bring me out here for?" You ask your friend as he hold you in his tight, warm embrace. "I had to get away. My parents are fighting right now, because they didn't want me to hear them when I'm awake." Aelik sniffles, then begins to sob. "I think they might be getting a divorce, ----! I don't know what's going to happen," You turn around and face Aelik, and wipe away the tears running down his smooth cheeks. "Whatever happens," you tell Aelik, "I'll be there for you."
  6. You hug Aelik as he sobs on your shoulder. He lays his arms around your back and squeezes tight. Soon, you find yourself crying because of the seriousness of Aelik's issue. And what if his parents did get a divorce? One parent might take him away to live somewhere else with them! Once all your tears are cried, and Aelik's muffled sobs are stopped, you move backwards and look Aelik in the eye. "If you ever need to talk, or get away again, you can count on me," you whisper. Aelik nods his head. "Now let's go," you say, and rise up, pulling Aelik with you.
  7. "What have they been fighting about?" you ask Aelik as you begin walking back home. "My dad has started going out to the casino, and he's been getting drunk and keeps losing a ton of money on bets. Now my mom is freaking out because they can't pay the bills, so they're having it out tonight." Aelik responded in a melancholy tone. Astonished, you gasp. "That's awful!" you exclaim. Once you reach your house, you climb back up the tree and through your window. "See ya later," you whisper to Aelik through your window. "Bye." he sighs, and turns around and walks away. You watch him trudge back to his house next door. Should you do something about his problem, or should you keep it a secret?
  8. A week later, you are in Ben's house doing homework with him and Aelik. "Want some pop?" Ben asks you and Aelik. "Sure," you and Aelik both reply at the same time. Giggling, you make eye contact with him. Ben pulls out three cans of soda and sets them on the kitchen table where you guys are sitting. Admiringly, you observe Ben's dimples and lightly scattered few freckles, and how those and his big brown eyes look so cute with his straight golden-brown hair. You catch yourself staring, so you quickly drop your gaze before anyone notices. You keep doing your homework until you finish your subjects, and then you three hop back outside to play some baseball in the field out back.
  9. Ben stands in the catcher position, and Aelik is pitcher. You get ready to bat. You don't have enough people to play real baseball, so you're all just kind of practicing for your school tournaments and stuff. "Ready?" Aelik calls out to you. "Yup," you reply as you bend your knees a bit and get your bat into position. "Okay," Aelik says, and throws the baseball at you. You miss it. "Aw, shoot," you mutter. Ben catches it and tosses it back to Aelik. You swing two more times, but you miss both! "Having a bad day, I guess?" you joke as the boys chuckle. "Here, ----. Let me help you." Ben walks up behind you and put his arms around you and takes his hands in yours as he bends from behind you. He puts them onto your bat. "See, you're swinging more like this," he shows you what you are doing wrong. "Do it like this." As he holds your hands onto the bat handle, he does a little swing. "Got it?" he asks. "Yah, I think so," you nod your head and Ben puts his catcher glove back on. You look up at Aelik to see him looking a little jealous from Ben touching your hands and stuff. You sigh. "I'm ready," you tell Aelik, who then throws the ball at you. You hear a sharp crack after you swing, and the baseball goes flying high. "Awesome!" Ben exclaims as you gasp.
  10. So I hope you guys like part 2!!! Please rate and comment all you peoples and if you liked this series so far, you might like lots of my other love series!
  11. And one last question: who do you like so far?

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