i need dating advice

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Thread Topic: i need dating advice

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    slytherin queeen Advanced
    Ask him. You might regret it if you don't. Just start slowly by saying something like "I liked you as a bestfriend but now I feel like I'm starting to like you more than just a friend." And stuff like that.

    @Ter You're right that he won't hate her if he is a real friend, But it would get a bit awkward between them. Only for a while though. It depends on the guy and how she feels around him after that.
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    Ardeo9999 Experienced
    NO! If ur a girl NEVEERRR ask a guy out. Thats not just old fashioned common courtesy, its sensible. Guys like to chase girls. (figuratively speaking that is.) If you ask him out, it will most likely come across as aggressive. Then if he did accept he was probably thinking Well I might as well, its safe, cuz she like me too. Then he considers you easy. It's better to play a little hard-to-get and be a bit myserious and a guy will be SO CAUGHT UP in you and trying to chase you. If he thinks you are easy he may take advantage of that whether physically or otherwise. Just sayin. If I were you Id get him all entice and wait for him.

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