Help all 9-11 yr old boys!

Hi, im in a dilemna! I know u can help. Im a girl of course, and i need to know how guys nine ten or eleven get attracted to girls. What IS it that guys like?

Please comment i am desparate!!! I need help to know what and what not to do and say. To know what makes a guy just get SO SO SO happy that he is deeply in love for that girl.

Created by: Ardeo9999

  1. I like a ten year old boy. I am not sure what guys are looking for in girls when they are that age, so I need you to help me out! Ok?
  2. We have tons of common interests- star wars, hockey, piano, swimming, and we both even eat our hot dogs with no condiments, and we both like duck tape. Is that attractive to a boy?
  3. Say me and the guy I like are biking down our street in private. Would you like to be told by a girl that you were fun and that they liked being with you?
  4. What has made you like a girl before?
  5. What makes you think a girl is flirting with you?
  6. What do you do to try to hint to a girl you are attracted to her?
  7. Do you ever tell your crush in a joking way "you suck." ??
  8. Do you email or communicate with her?
  9. Im out of questions. But the main thing is, PLEASE tell me in the comments what you like girls to do around you and what makes you happy. Ok?
  10. I can only see what you score, not what you actually selected for every question, so PLEASE COMMENT!!!

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