Popularizing Unsecular Hip Hop/ Rap Artists

Do you know music that is not even barely known to the world? well im here to help you know some. anyday youtube them and they are all amazing songs!!!

So are you in the know? maybe so but these arent so to be very very deeply in the know these songs are vital to your knowledge as well! find out the real truth about it NOW!

Created by: Ardeo9999

  1. Who features in Lecrae's song New Shalom?
  2. Who sings the chorus in Jaeson Ma's song 'Love'?
  3. Jai sings 'Praise ---' ?
  4. Group 1 Crew featured with Toby Mac in their album Outta Space Love in the song
  5. Press Play are the artists for the songs
  6. 'Rains will pour down, waves will crash all around. But you will be safe in my arms' comes from the song
  7. Lighthouse is a song featured in Anthem Lights album called
  8. Dietrick Haddon sings
  9. 'I rock my halo, I rock my ha-a-a-lo, oh,oh!' comes from...
  10. You Tube any of these?
  11. Rate and comment?

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