Case Closed quiz book 1

There are many Case Closed fans out there, but how many of them actualy remembered what they read? Case Closed is a mystery in its self. Teenage detective turned into pinte sized sleuth. Who wouldn't want to read that!

Do YOU think you have a keen eye for detail like Jimmy/Conan? then why not take a min. and see what you actualy know about Case Closed and see if you truly are a fan.

Created by: Cyndro527

  1. Who is Jimmy's fav detective?
  2. Whats the name of the amusment park Jimmy and Rachel went to?
  3. What did the poison that the men in black gave Jimmy do to him?
  4. Whats the fake name Jimmy uses to fool Rachel?
  5. What animal is in the picture with the kindnapped girl?
  6. Who's the mastermind behind the kidnappping?
  7. Yoko Okino is a famus what?
  8. What did Yoko's maneger take from the dead body?
  9. Whats the shape of the lighter in Yoko's hotel room?
  10. Who killed the victim?

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