What Glitter Force character are you??

Are you: Glitter Lucky, Glitter Sunny, Glitter Peace, Glitter Spring???? Glitter Breeze???? Well here is where you find it out!!!!!! 😆😆😆🙉🙉😀😈👻👻👻

There are 10 questions! You ANSWER THEM!!!! And then you will find out what Glitter Girl you are! If you don't like your answers, DO IT AGAIN!!!! (Just my opinion!!! :))

Created by: Opal Bernstein
  1. What personality are you?
  2. Favorite color is...
  3. Your dream hairstyle is.....
  4. Any siblings?
  5. Your shoe that you wear the most is...
  6. Do you like villains or superheros?
  7. Your fav cake flavor is...
  8. Cyberpunk 2077 or Among Us?????
  9. Salty or sweet?
  10. THE END!!!

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Quiz topic: What Glitter Force character am I??